Big Brother

This is the start of a beautiful friendship. Last fall, T’s child and youth worker made the excellent suggestion to look into a Big Brother-style mentorship program for T. I believe in mentorship and surrounding T with positive influences is important, because making friends is hard for kids with FASD. Despite best efforts, we haveContinue reading “Big Brother”

Love and Karma

The energy we send into the universe is the energy we invite into our lives. I found this belief challenged the past few weeks, because of T’s chaos – meltdowns, foul language, rude attitude, defiant behaviour at school. It was draining – and at one point, I told the hubby I did not have theContinue reading “Love and Karma”

Tree of Life

There is a special tree, that sways to the side like a painting, that serves as a route marker of time. Killbear is special because it is the first place we camped together at as a family. It is the first family vacation we took during the pandemic and we were so excited to getContinue reading “Tree of Life”

Shooting Stars

Night hikes are a camping tradition and when darkness fell, we excitedly set off for the rocks. After our spontaneous sunset swim and jumping off beautiful rocks at Killbear, we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores at our campsite. T was now sugared up on s’mores and a watermelon slush from dinner. He was bouncing offContinue reading “Shooting Stars”

All That We Leave Behind

In the end, it’s about memories and we hang onto photos and things that remind us of loved ones. In a year of losses, our family experienced another loss – Ma moved back to Philippines at the end of July. We knew for over a year this day was coming – it was delayed dueContinue reading “All That We Leave Behind”

Rain or Shine

When things don’t go as planned, like pneumonia ambushing vacation, I look for the silver lining. We had a nice 10 days visiting T’s grandparents in New Brunswick, despite me being ill for most of it. On our third day, I started to feel nauseous, had shaking chills and developed a fever – which reachedContinue reading “Rain or Shine”

Croup Summer

Nothing like a nasty viral infection for poor T to tell us to slow down our summer. On Thursday, T started to complain of a sore throat. By Friday, the sore throat was unbearable. We did a COVID test and it was negative. T woke up twice at night, crying his throat was hurting. ByContinue reading “Croup Summer”

Wheels in Motion

When summers fly, slow down to soak it all in. During camp pickup on Tuesday, I told T I had a surprise. “We’re biking together tonight, because I got a bike too!” T’s face lit up with a smile and he shared the news with his camp teacher and friends excitedly. The hubby and IContinue reading “Wheels in Motion”

Return to Killarney

The hubby, T and I first visited Killarney, a beautiful and painting-like part of Ontario during our Northern Ontario roadtrip in Summer 2020 and it lifted our spirits during the pandemic. So it was wonderful to return, thanks to my Aunt who organized a getaway – and we packed a lot in from Friday afternoonContinue reading “Return to Killarney”

Tubing Down Elora Gorge

Rushing river leads to calm water. As a parent of a neurodiverse child, I wholeheartedly believe this. We celebrated Canada Day, and the start of the second half of the year, by tubing down Elora Gorge. It’s family tradition to kick off summer break with a weekend adventure. This year, we picked Elora, a charmingContinue reading “Tubing Down Elora Gorge”

Helpful Nutrition Tips for Raising Children with FASD

Garbage in, garbage out. How we nourish our body extends to our mind and spirit. With thanks to our parenting support group, the hubby and I attended a webinar with a nutritionist that works with individuals with FASD. Our 8.5 year old T is characteristically a picky eater – or as I learned through thisContinue reading “Helpful Nutrition Tips for Raising Children with FASD”


On a beautiful Spring Sunday afternoon, T brought flowers for his Auntie. A few weeks prior, the memorial garden staff let me know her memorial plaque had been installed and with it, a vase for flowers. At 8.5 years old, T has experienced a lot of adversity and loss the past year. When I watchedContinue reading “Flowers”

Painting Faces

The unfiltered innocence of a child is to be cherished. Life teaches us from an early age to put on a mask to navigate different scenarios and relationships – familial, friendships, professional, social. It’s not about deception but rather to demonstrate emotional intelligence – including respect, collegiality, trust building. Sometimes, it is a necessity whenContinue reading “Painting Faces”

The Golden Spark

A single weed in a field of yellow can be magical. It’s that time in Spring when dandelions create a magical golden carpet on park fields. T and I enjoyed a nice walk on Mothers Day. The sun was shining and it was warm enough for T-shirts, shorts and crocs. “Oh my God, stop takingContinue reading “The Golden Spark”

Hard Goodbyes

One of the hardest lessons in life is learning to say goodbye to good friends. Two weeks ago, a bomb dropped in the middle of T’s day when he learned that his best friend – his one good friend at school – was moving and that his last day would be in two days thatContinue reading “Hard Goodbyes”

Meet the Parents

When the hubby and my parents first met each other 20 years ago, it started quite comically. A few seconds into meeting, Ma started talking about the time she and her siblings drove by New Brunswick, where my in laws live, and didn’t think much of it because she didn’t see any flowers. It wasContinue reading “Meet the Parents”

Fighting Spirit

Body, mind, spirit. They are all connected and nourishing them means a stronger you. Self care is as essential as oxygen to daily life as a parent of a child with FASD. Last fall and the first few weeks of the new year drained my batteries and emptied my reserves. I did not have theContinue reading “Fighting Spirit”

Chosen Family

Holidays provide time for rest and reflection. Family Day is a special holiday, because it comes after Valentines and the anniversary of finalizing T’s adoption in court. When T was a toddler, we loved reading Todd Parr’s Family Book, which spoke about families in all forms – nuclear, single parent or multi-generational households, same sexContinue reading “Chosen Family”

I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Our little guy got his hair done and he’s blue like Sonic the Hedgehog. T had been talking recently about wanting to colour his hair. After swim lessons last Saturday – where he did his first two consecutive laps for the first time! – we visited the barber. T sat patiently for his turn andContinue reading “I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)”

Out of the Blue

Hidden truth, isolation, confusion. Things fog symbolizes and it enveloped us for two days. As autumn weather arrives, so does morning fog. It was beautiful and eerie to walk through in the dark Thursday morning, as I headed to work (pictured at top). My head felt foggy the past week, resulting from recent sleeplessness dueContinue reading “Out of the Blue”