On a beautiful Spring Sunday afternoon, T brought flowers for his Auntie. A few weeks prior, the memorial garden staff let me know her memorial plaque had been installed and with it, a vase for flowers. At 8.5 years old, T has experienced a lot of adversity and loss the past year. When I watchedContinue reading “Flowers”

Marshmallow Halo

Processing and understanding death is hard for kids. Sometimes, stuffed animals can help. T’s Auntie’s – my sister’s – death a few days after Christmas was sudden and despite the unexpectedness, T is doing ok. I continue to check in with him every day to see how he’s doing. Kids often don’t tell you howContinue reading “Marshmallow Halo”

In the Arms of an Angel

Our family faced a sudden loss – for T, his first experience with losing someone – over the holidays. My sister passed away last Thursday, a few days after being admitted to the hospital on Christmas Day, after a short and brave battle with cancer. My family and I are still processing and making senseContinue reading “In the Arms of an Angel”