Thank You and Goodbye 2020

New Year’s Eve 2019, I played Snakes and Ladders with T.

I said that along the way, we’ll encounter things that lift us up (ladders) or slide us back (snakes), but we keep going till we reach the end.

Little did I realize the foreshadowing of 2020!

The wonderful thing about a new year is that it presents an opportunity to reflect on the steps you’ve travelled and to aspire about the steps you will take in the year ahead.

2020 has been filled with slithering snakes – the pandemic, lockdown homeschooling, family health crisis just to name a few.

But it’s also been filled with many uplifting moments. And these are the moments I choose to carry with me into 2021.

As we depart 2020, I’d like to say thanks to the ladders that helped us along the way:

Thank you for Team T – a wonderful group of teachers, educators, and health and social service professionals – who supported T, the hubby and I through a challenging year. The tremendous gains he’s made and big life changes, such as starting medication for ADHD, were made possible with their support.

Thank you for public outdoor pools. The 4-5 days a week of swimming in the summer heat – and seeing T’s joy and confidence being in the water – are among my most treasured moments of 2020.

Thank you for our provincial parks and the nature oasis in our City for offering safe and soul-soothing respite. One memory tattooed in my heart was sitting on the rocky shores of Killbear with T and staring into the infinity ahead of us.

Thank you for pandemic travel restrictions which forced the hubby and I to get creative with travel plans. We otherwise would never have discovered the beauty of Northern Ontario, see the glistening blue water of Lake Superior, hiked the painting-like trails of Killarney and ventured through stunning Thunder Bay.

Thank you for the quiet moments with T – the countless walks in the sun, the puddly rain, the radiant colours of fall, and the snow. Life with T is often loud and frenetic, so these quieter gentler moments are always a welcomed balance.

Thank you to family, friends and colleagues for helping us get through the speed bumps.

Thank you to the hubby for being the solid rock in T and my life. The low key celebration of his milestone 40th birthday ended up being perfect.

And thank you to the lovable little pest T, for continuing to teach the hubby and I valuable lessons every day and giving us the drive to keep heading forward and embracing life for all its good and bad.

In the words of one of my favourite artists: “Turn to stone, lose my faith, I’ll be gone before it happens.”

Wherever you are visiting from, wishing you a wonderful new year and all the best in 2021!

15 thoughts on “Thank You and Goodbye 2020

    1. Thank you, LaDonna! Happy new year to you too.

      I enjoyed your latest post about Ho’ Oponopono. I wasn’t able to like or to comment on your post for some reason but wanted to let you know that I enjoy the level of detail, thought and care you put into your writing and sharing of information.

      Take care and all the best to you in 2021!

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      1. Thank you for this lovely compliment. I have had some issues with the comment section on my posts. I thought it was repaired. Thank you for letting me know. Have a good rest of your Sunday evening. 🤍🤍

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    1. Thank you, Diane! And just wanted to add a big thanks to your daughter and frontline healthcare workers like her. Now that my mom is in the hospital, I am getting a close up perspective into their work during this pandemic and it’s amazing and very appreciated. Happy new year!

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    1. Thank you Robyn. And I am glad we met through the world of blogging. I’ve enjoyed learning more about Declan and your life and have taken inspiration and comfort through your experience. Take care and see you in 2021!

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  1. The Snakes and Ladders is such a good way to describe 2020. There have certainly been challenges, but to quote the wise words of Kelly Clarkson, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’m right there with you – if it wasn’t for the pandemic, I would never have ventured to Northern Ontario and seen the sparkly shores of Lake Superior. Have a happy New Year to you and yours.

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    1. Kelly Clarkson is another favourite in our home. 😊 And we love that song too! Enjoy your drive and cabin!

      I’m at the hospital waiting to transfer my mom to the rehab facility. A great and hopeful way to end 2020! 👍

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