Homeschooling in Quarantine – Finding Our Groove a Month Later

In my prayers the last year, I often asked for T to get the one-on-one school supports he needs to thrive.

God, I should’ve been clearer the one-on-one support wasn’t meant to be the hubby and I in a pandemic. Devil is in the details!

We‘re now five weeks in and things are mostly well at a high level. The hubby and I have mostly found a rhythm to get through each day.

Learning about the different states of liquids.

We divide and conquer T’s schooling within pocket of time during our day and thus our own work extends into the evenings and weekends. It’s not like we have anywhere else to go!

Having T’s teacher support – second week now – has been a godsend. His schedule of activities and our daily check ins help us so much.

The dollar store has been a lifesaver to find supplementary activities and I now understand why teachers have endless rolls of stickers. They’ve been a great incentive for T to do worksheets. They also give me a nice weekly mental break. Yes, I now go to the dollar store to get some time to myself!

Starting our home garden project.

We started a home garden project. T helped plant tomato, cucumber, radish, carrots, sunflower, etc. into starter pots which we’ll move to our backyard in May. I’ve watched lots of zombie movies and just being extra prepared in case the undead start to rise!

Jokes aside, I still find this all so hard. But I’m letting go of the small stuff and focusing on the big picture, our wellbeing and on this once-in-a-lifetime – better be once-in-a-lifetime! – gift of time with my family.

And what a gift it’s been to see T blossom over the past few weeks. He’s completing the worksheets now, he’s sitting longer on our daily video chats with his teacher, and he’s adapted well to this new (lack of) routine.

This is all so hard, I know, and I hope you are all taking good care!

Stickers are a great incentive, I’ve learned!
Our zombie apocalypse nutrition plan.

6 thoughts on “Homeschooling in Quarantine – Finding Our Groove a Month Later

  1. Love the zombie apocalypse nutrition plan . I truly enjoy the creativity and joy in this post. Childhood is a magical gift which I wish doesn’t have to grow up fast. I cherish my son’s childhood memories because they were beyond words , of happiness I can’t even describe. Regards. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you very much. Blogging is not only a way to spread awareness for me. It’s also cheap therapy. 😂😂😂 And thank you for sharing your parenting memories too. I agree these are precious times, regardless of the challenges.

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  2. Wow! Looks like you are doing a great job! I’m having the worst time just trying to stay up on all the online assignments (well, really, the attitudes of children that do not want to do their online assignments 🙂 )

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    1. Thanks Robyn!

      If I can be truthful, you see the highlights reel above and not the bloopers reel. 🙂 Each day is different for us, many good, some disasters. It’s very hard because my hubby and I fit the schooling in where we have pockets of time during our work day. So each day is never consistent. So that part just kills me cuz kids – especially special needs kids – need that consistent routine. But alas, I call this crisis schooling. So not gonna sweat those details.

      I wanna hang out at your school. Those walks look so relaxing and scenic! Good luck with your kids. I’m lucky I only have 1. I would’ve poked my eyes out if I had to deal with 2… much less the 3 you’re dealing with! 🙂 Chocolate is a good incentive for T too to get his work done. Hopefully there’s something you can bribe your kids with! 🙂

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