“Turn to Stone, Lose My Faith, I’ll Be Gone Before It Happens.”

August 16 is a Holiday at home. It’s my dear M’s birthday and we play her songs all day long.

It’s fun introducing T to things I love – books, TV shows and movies, games, food, places, and yes, music.

If he only knew “Jacket B” isn’t what his favourite Madonna song – “Unapologetic Bitch” – is really called. Sigh. He says he likes the Diplo-produced song because the zany intro is spooky.

I’m sure his teachers will find words other than spooky if he were ever to figure out what the actual words are! So best to put on some Disney tunes during our long drives instead.

With M’s works, the deep cuts – songs that are not released to radio – are the ones I gravitate to.

“Gone” is one I revisit from time to time. It closes her 2000 Music album and I love the depth in its simplicity.

The meaning of its lyrics changes at different points in my life.

Today, as a parent of a young boy with great potential and challenging needs, it means something entirely different to me.

Dream away your life

Someone else’s dream

Nothing equals nothing.

Why should I feel sad

For what I never had

Nothing equals nothing.

Turn to stone

Lose my faith

I’ll be gone

Before it happens.

13 thoughts on ““Turn to Stone, Lose My Faith, I’ll Be Gone Before It Happens.”

  1. Madonna’s song speaks of Truth, freedom & courage. It resonates in a personal way. Music helps me start everyday through my Spotify selections from 80’s 90’s hit , to today’s pop young genre to Christian hits. Whatever it takes to feel alive. Thanks for sharing T’s world & yours , it’s always a joy & inspiration. Take care.

  2. I had to chuckle when you said you are teaching T about the things you like. All I can say is enjoy it while it lasts because by age 9 or so he will roll his eyes like my granddaughter does to me…lol

    1. Enjoy! It’s a gem of a song. Things are good. First day back at work after a relaxing two weeks off. 🙂 When do you head off to Northern Cornwall?

      1. Back to work! Wow, that’s great. We set off on Saturday, so a blog or two to follow on that score, I’m sure! Got to go as both dogs just in from evening run in the garden! Looking daggers at me for their final did biscuit treat of the day!

    1. I love that movie! When we had our end of year party in Grade 6, the teacher asked us what movie we wanted to watch as a class and I shouted “A League of Their Own.” 😂 I think all the other kids wanted Ninja Turtles or whatever kid friendly movie was popular at the time… And that’s the movie she got and the whole class had to watch it. 😂

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