Family Day Trip to Enjoy the Beauty of Fall

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and our family enjoyed a scenic Saturday afternoon outing in nature.

We had planned to leave the house by 9 to maximize our day. T and I woke up at 10 and the hubby an hour later. By the time we left the house, it was Noon.

But long weekends are meant to be relaxed!

We drove two hours East of the City to a charming town called Campbellford where he made a quick stop to take a photo with a giant Twoonie.

Then we hiked at the small but beautiful Ferris Provincial Park.

Fall colours were not quite in full burst but there were enough yellows, oranges and reds on the trees and ground that made it feel magical.

The highlight of the park was the metal suspension bridge that overlooked a gorge.

We stopped by for baked goods at the well-known Dooher’s Bakery in Campbellford.

Then we did a beautiful drive through country roads to the town of Brighton, as T enjoyed shortbread cookies and blueberries.

I was driving so I didn’t snap any photos. Just enjoyed the majesty of Fall.

In Brighton, we visited Presqu’Ile Provincial Park, which is French for “Almost an Island.”

We walked through this beautiful white sandy path to the big beach.

It was nearing sunset so the beach was almost abandoned.

It was super windy and cloudy so the waves were extra busy and loud.

We enjoyed listening to the calming sound of the waves while T sprinted up and down the beach.

This was a totally unexpected slice of heaven and it was hard to believe this was only 90 minutes from home. We made a note to come back for a longer visit and swim next summer!

It is family tradition to do a short roadtrip during Thanksgiving weekend.

I love that we have these traditions and that T looks forward to them. I am thankful he is now gung-ho for the long drives, that he embraces the adventure of hikes and that he treasures these moments in his memories and brings them up in conversation later.

In 2016, the hubby, T and I, along with a dear friend who happens to be a foodie, did a two-night poutine and falls colours visit to Quebec.

We ate five poutines – a Canadian tradition of fries with cheese curds and gravy on top – in 36 hours, including a fancy foie gras poutine sold at a food stand on a duck farm.

I didn’t think I could eat another French fry for months after that weekend!

Thanksgiving Roadtrip 2016 – Foie Gras Poutine from a duck farm in Quebec, quite possibly the fanciest poutine I’ve ever had!

In 2018, the four of us did another food-themed and fall colors Thanksgiving roadtrip weekend – this time through Vermont and Maine for seafood, like lobster, fried clams, and chowder.

Thanksgiving Roadtrip 2018 – Lobster roll and clams from The Clam Shack food stand in Maine.

The drive back to Ontario, Canada through New Hamsphire was absolutely breathtaking – as captured through the photos at the top of this post and below. Just stunning.

Although this year’s Thanksgiving was local, we had all the important ingredients: nature, fall colours, comfort food and quality relaxing time spent with family!

While we were looking forward to enjoying our daytrip with a small group of friends, we had to keep it just our family as the government had reintroduced restrictions on social gatherings to combat rising COVID cases.

On the drive home, the hubby assembled sandwiches with bread rolls, sliced honey ham and marbled cheese slices that I had prepped.

A content and tired T told us sweetly, “I love you Papa and Daddy.”

15 thoughts on “Family Day Trip to Enjoy the Beauty of Fall

    1. We will gladly adopt you if you do the cooking! 😊🤣 And we are lucky to live in such a wonderful province filled with great natural beauty. When this stupid pandemic passes one day, Ontario Canada is worth a visit!

      1. When I was a child I visited Canada with my mom to visit an aunt once and of course I have been to the falls many times but that’s about it. I’m from Ohio so it sounds like a great vacation once my husband retires. It looks like there is plenty to do.

      2. It’s a beautiful province and I know you like to cook/eat and the city (Toronto) has excellent cuisine from all parts of the world. One day!!! 🙂 And likewise, I hope to visit Ohio one day again and actually get in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this time.

  1. We visited Ferris on Saturday as well! We left Toronto bright and early and arrived at Ferris at 9a.m. The drive down was beautiful with all the leaves changing colour. And I still can’t get over how warm it was. The suspension bridge was easily the highlight and well worth the drive to walk along. I had no idea that there was a giant Twoonie in Campbellford.

    1. You guys are such early birds! 🙂 Yes, it was so nice and warm. Gonna be sad now that it’s gone. I hope we get another last blast but it seems unlikely given it’s mid October now. I really liked the drive down the county road.

      If you’re looking for another fun day trip, Presquile was also nice.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

      1. At least we were able to make the most of warm weather while it lasted. And agreed, all the fall foliage just makes the drive more memorable and pleasant. That and the fact that traffic was surprisingly not too bad over the long weekend. Thanks for the recommendation about Presqu’ile. We camped there a couple of summers ago, but some of the main trails, like the Marsh Trail were closed due to high water levels. I bet it’s even more beautiful in the fall. Take care.

    2. PS. If you liked the suspension bridge at Ferris, you will absolutely love the two bridges at Eagle Canyon in Thunder Bay!

  2. Aww, that is sweet. Sounds like T had a really special trip. Such beautiful scenery too! I love the Fall for its cooler temps and beautiful colors. Looks like you got a good dose of both on your trip. Nice!

    1. Thanks Robyn. We were thankful for the fall experience and still summery weather! I think this was the last weekend of that.

      I know Thanksgiving is not for a while for you down in the US but wishing your family a nice Columbus Day long weekend!

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