Enjoying A Last Burst of Summer

We took advantage of an unusually warm weekend and soaked up the sun and outdoors.

The weather forecast gave me the will to get through what felt like a long week and it looked even better as the weekend came upon us!

Early November is an interesting time as Autumn gives us one last burst of its radiant colours.

If we’re lucky, we get a last burst or two of t-shirt and shorts weather before the chill settles in – and warm weather we got this weekend!

On Saturday, we went for an afternoon family hike with T at the Scarborough Bluffs.

I had been there three weeks ago on my own but it was nice to bring T back as it has been at least two years since we’ve brought him here.

We first checked out the marina and the very cool houseboats. I can only imagine how calming it must be to live not just live by the the water but on it too!

Then we made our way to the beach.

As we walked, the hubby reminded me that the last outing we did before T came into our lives was a Spring hike on a Saturday afternoon in April 2016 at the Bluffs.

Little did we know that four days later, we would get an unexpected call from our social worker that we had been matched with T!

T is always in his element in nature, because it is wide open and he can run and be carefree.

Sand? Lots and lots of sand? Even better!

It was nice watching the hubby and T have fun together.

It’s always fun to let T and his curiosity lead the way.

On the walk back to the car, the hubby spotted a big floating dead fish. So naturally, T wanted to take a closer look and throw rocks at it.

It was almost 5 pm when we got to the car and the sun was setting.

We were all starving and the hubby and I were craving Taco Bell.

T, who is a stubbornly fussy eater, said he wanted to try a soft chicken taco. He had never expressed any interest in tacos before, so we quickly jumped at the opportunity.

And he loved it! So it’s now something we can add to the handful of things he will eat! Fast food be damned, there’s meat and vegetables in the taco, so more tacos are in his future!

We enjoyed the tacos with a gorgeous cotton candy sunset outside our dining room window.

Earlier this Sunday morning, T and I went back for more nature fun at the Bluffs.

We both got up fairly early and after breakfast, he said he wanted to go back.

The weather was so beautiful and felt so fleeting that I didn’t second guess my impulse to jump on the offer, as tired and unwashed as I was!

T found an abandoned dig site at the beach and quickly claimed it as his own.

And he dug and dug and dug.

As a kid with sensory seeking behaviour, this was a type of calming activity he thrives in and enjoys.

I switched back and forth from watching him and blankly staring down the long path of the beach and enjoying the soothing sound of the water.

After an hour, he got bored and we walked the winding path of the beach’s edge, skirting the water coming and in out of the beach.

On the way back, we took the narrow and wooded path away from the water.

I had never explored this path before and only stumbled upon it by accident today, because I had to take T to pee in the bushes.

I was sure glad we found it as it gave another perspective on this beautiful place.

As always, I let T lead the way. He wanted to follow a small creek because he was curious where the water originated from.

We kept walking down the path and discovered wonderful close up views of the jagged Bluffs and cliffs.

T kept himself entertained with natural artifacts he found and picked up along the path.

Nature is a go-to place for me to recharge.

Things always feel calmer, clearer and more collected after time spent outdoors with sun, sand and water. And today was no different.

I’m glad we can continue to share this love with T and the hubby and I hope that it will be a way for T to recharge himself as he gets older.

Summers fly, winters walk.

I’m thankful we got to enjoy this last burst of summer.

While we are always wanting more of it, this weekend was a nice way to celebrate if this was indeed the last of this weather for the year.

11 thoughts on “Enjoying A Last Burst of Summer

  1. It’s the perfect blissful, joyful celebration of Summer. Here, it’s already cold & we’re wearing jackets & pajamas this morning. Thank you for the wonderful Summer adventures. Stay safe and regards to your family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. 🙂 We had our last day of shorts weather today. Back to pants and long sleeve tomorrow and likely until Spring again. Gotta enjoy these moments while they last. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww Look at your handsome boys! Glad that ya’ll had a chance to enjoy the weather before the winter 🙂 And that last photo is really neat how it’s almost half-blue, half-yellow. May you and yours have a wonderful week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I’m already missing being outside. This weekend will be 11 degrees Celsius cooler. Boo. Definitely not shorts and t-shirt weather! 🙂 Have a great too!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s hard to believe that it’s November with warm weather like that. Glad you took advantage of it and spent some time outdoors. We did the same. We’ve been feeling kind of blah lately with the time change and headed up to the cabin to get a change of scenery and just unplug from the world around us. Looks like the next few days will be lovely as well!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! This time change sucks. I hate that it’s so dark already at 5. But it’ll be longer days again soon enough! Glad you got to enjoy some disconnected times away from the city!

      Liked by 1 person

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