Swimming in a Secluded Spot at Painting-Like Killarney

We spent Friday at Killarney Provincial Park, where every corner looks like a painting with its smooth red rock facade and Georgian Bay backdrop.

Our friends and I have been wanting to camp here for years but sites always sell out. It took a pandemic to get the hubby, T and I here – sans camping. I wish my friends could’ve joined us.

We did an early afternoon hike. It was medium difficulty level and T handled it like a trooper.

He learned about route markers today and ran ahead of us to find them – turning the experience into a game in his imagination.

“I love going on adventures,” he said as he “snatched” each “coin.”

An hour into the hike, we found a secluded spot by the water and claimed it. We swam in the cold water for a good hour.

We then enjoyed a spread of watermelon, veggie platter, chips and cold cuts we prepped earlier from the supermarket.

Hearing the constant waves brushing up against the rocky shore and seeing the afternoon sun cast a glow against the red rocks was very calming!

The sun was beginning to set and we didn’t want to leave. But had to because we still had an hour-long hike back to the car.

T did a great job on this day. This was a day of positive memories that I want to lock in my heart forever.

“I love you, my wonderful parents,” T said at bedtime. Perfect end to a perfect day.

13 thoughts on “Swimming in a Secluded Spot at Painting-Like Killarney

    1. It was a beautiful hike and day. We feel very blessed. Hiking and the outdoors are a perfect match for T given how much energy he has. 🙂


  1. The view and location look absolutely breathtaking. So tranquil! I am glad T did great on the hike and enjoyed his adventure. And what heartfelt sentiment at bedtime! Surely all are memories you will never forget!

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    1. Thank you, Robyn! I will hang onto to the positives for as long as I can. There were definitely some challenging moments, as you can imagine when traveling with a child with some challenging needs. That’s another post in the near future. 😂 Have a great week and hope you continue to enjoy your summer. It’s flying by so fast. 😢

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