Fried Spam with Rice

Like many immigrant kids, I’ve experienced many “smelly weird” school lunches packed by Pa. But I loved them all and the one I looked forward to most was fried spam on a warm bed of rice. I would inhale the luncheon meat, its greasy goodness soaked up by the rice. This weekend is Pa’s deathContinue reading “Fried Spam with Rice”

Wheels in Motion

When summers fly, slow down to soak it all in. During camp pickup on Tuesday, I told T I had a surprise. “We’re biking together tonight, because I got a bike too!” T’s face lit up with a smile and he shared the news with his camp teacher and friends excitedly. The hubby and IContinue reading “Wheels in Motion”

When Training Wheels Come Off

To kick off summer, T scored his first bloody busted upper lip after a biking accident. But let’s rewind a week to the morning of the same day T marched in the Pride parade for the first time – when the hubby took him out on his bike. The bike was a gift from hisContinue reading “When Training Wheels Come Off”