Before Sunset

Nature reminds us that often times there are good stuff yet to come near the end of our days. At the start of the final stretch of our drive to visit the hubby’s parents, we stopped to gas up near Edmunston, New Brunswick. We were treated to this awe-inspiring breathtaking sunset – pictured at top.Continue reading “Before Sunset”

Padam Padam

Life begins at 40 – and what makes your heart beat with new purpose? Growing up, 40 seemed ancient and yet, I still feel like a kid in a candy store when I view and think about certain things in life. Being a dad keeps my mind young and ages my body in triple time.Continue reading “Padam Padam”

Training Wheels

The sandwich generation experiences the joys of kids growing up and the sorrow of aging parents. Earlier this summer, T showed interest in bike riding again after having no interest last year. While he loves zipping down the park, he doesn’t yet feel comfortable taking off the training wheels. And that’s ok. I thought aboutContinue reading “Training Wheels”

Celebrating My Birthday in Self Isolation

“There is still no cure for the common birthday.” – John Glenn Today is the first time – and hopefully only time in a hopefully long life to still unfold – that I will celebrate my birthday in self isolation during a global pandemic. Schools are closed but supposed to be officially back in businessContinue reading “Celebrating My Birthday in Self Isolation”