Celebrating My Birthday in Self Isolation

“There is still no cure for the common birthday.”

– John Glenn

Today is the first time – and hopefully only time in a hopefully long life to still unfold – that I will celebrate my birthday in self isolation during a global pandemic.

Schools are closed but supposed to be officially back in business after the March Break. So I split my day between homeschooling T and keeping up with my work from home.

Homeschooling is so hard! Teachers have such a hard important job. We are relying a lot on online resources. It was also a rainy day but I still took T for an hour-long walk for all our sanity.

For today’s home economics class, I asked the hubby to bake a birthday cake with T (pictured above). They did a wonderful job and I love it!

I never wish for much for my birthday and every year’s wish is the same: happiness and good health for my loved ones and myself.

This year, the particular wish is even more resonant and relevant and I extend and share that wish with all of you.

Please take care and stay well, everyone. As this sign that T and I created together (below) for today’s art class to post on our front window reads: We are in this together.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating My Birthday in Self Isolation

  1. Happy birthday! I laughed out loud at the first sentence. 🙂 Never thought you would ever be writing something like that, did you? Haha 🙂 The cake looks great! Hope it was a great day!

    1. Thank you, Robyn! It’s a very surreal time and trying to cope with humour. 🙂 The cake was good and I’ve been eating and snacking way too much during isolation. Hope you and your family are keeping well and surviving over there in the US (Canada here). Very surreal times!

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