Before Sunset

Nature reminds us that often times there are good stuff yet to come near the end of our days.

At the start of the final stretch of our drive to visit the hubby’s parents, we stopped to gas up near Edmunston, New Brunswick.

We were treated to this awe-inspiring breathtaking sunset – pictured at top.

Sunsets are the day’s last glorious hurrah – showy at times – before night falls.

It’s a reminder that some of the brightest and captivating moments in our days can happen before night falls, if we keep ourselves open.

T enjoying a sunset walk with his grandparents.

Last Tuesday night, T and I went for a sunset walk by the water – his grandparents’ cottage is right by the saltwater bay.

Low tide was coming and we dug up quahogs for an hour till dark.

I showed T how to dig the first few. Then once he figured out the technique, he helped me find over 40 quahogs.

Look at this big one he found! His big gaping mouth says it all.

The mosquitoes were out in full force – but T and I had repellent on and weren’t going to let them ruin our fun.

He ran into the cottage to get his grandparents and the hubby to come out to look at our catch.

There was a smidge of daylight left and T’s grandad set up a fishing line by the water, where they spent 1-1 time together.

A few days later, the hubby made a delicious clam chowder with the quahogs that T helped dig up.

This is what they mean by life’s simple pleasures.

Often times, we feel that the best moments happen during the early parts of our days and there is a dread of the night.

But as nature often reminds us – everything is cyclical and often times, we are blessed with bursts of colour before night falls.

Then we get up and do it again.

29 thoughts on “Before Sunset

  1. What an incredible moment with the QUAHOG!

    [and how it resulted in clam chowder].

    And New Brunswick sand is so yellow/orange and shell-y.

    The way the sea comes onto the sand in the last pic.

    [the shapes the sea makes – I mean – I can tell if a sand mower has come when the beach attendants are working].

    it also made me think of the romantic films “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”.

    1. Adelaide, it is very nice to hear from you and I hope you’re having a great summer.

      Digging up quahogs was indeed a fun moment and I love that T was able to do it on his own and helped contribute to the chowder. 😊

      We are blessed that the in laws live right by the water. When it gets windy and rainy, it is quite magical by the water.

      And I’m glad you noticed the reference to the Richard Linklater films. The title was intentional. 🙂 There’s also a third film in the series, “Before Midnight.”

  2. What a stunning sunset. It’s a good reminder to appreciate these small moments. I know I need to do a better job of that in my everyday life and not just while I’m on vacation. Sounds like T is enjoying his time out east, even with the mosquitoes (which have been awful this summer). Enjoy the rest of your time off and hopefully you’re feeling better.

    1. Thanks Linda. We got back last night after a long drive and I rewarded myself to Korean food which was all I could think about when I was sick and had no appetite. 😆 I’m feeling better now and going to soak up as much of my vacation before I head back to work on Monday.

      You are absolutely right, it’s all about soaking up the small moments while we can. Hope you and K are off to somewhere fun this weekend! I will just be hanging out in town. 😊

      1. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. I’d say treating yourself to Korean food was well deserved! I hope it tasted even better than what you were imagining.

        We’re currently prepping for our big vacation of the summer. We’ll be flying into Edmonton in just under two weeks to take a road trip to Whitehorse and then a ferry to Juneau. I can’t wait, but I’m also a bit stressed about camping.

      2. Oh that sounds like an amazing trip, Linda. Good luck with the prep and can’t wait to see your recap.

        And yes, the soup was well worth the wait! 😊

  3. Nature reminds us when things get tough look up, down and all around! Somehow it takes away all of my day’s frustration and replaces it with all this beauty. Thank you Ab, this was a very inspiring post for me! Two of my three favorite things being nature and family. Of course food is the third! Lol

  4. Nature does provide us with many things to reflect on our own lives. From sunset to sunrise, autumn to spring, to rain and sun. Have a safe and enjoyable trip back home! I hope you’ll get to see something beautiful like that sunset again.

    1. Thanks Bama! You said it best. We are so blessed. And I know you are blessed with so much natural beautiful in Indonesia too. And good food. Can’t wait to see that food post! 😊😆

      We got home last night and had a spectacular drive through the golden hour.

      Have a great weekend ahead!

      1. Hahaha, one more history post, and then after that finally a post with food photos!

        Have a restful weekend too, Ab!

  5. What a beautiful post filled with wisdom and delight! Love the big gaping mouth – that does say it all. Time by the water, clam chowder, fishing with grandparents – all so good! And then the opportunity to get up and do it again. Love it! <3 <3 <3

  6. That sunset literally takes my breath away!!! I love these pictures, particularly the one of T with mouth agape after catching the quahog! It looks like you had a great trip! Are you feeling better now?

    1. Thanks Jill! It was quite a stunning moment. This was taken at a gas station and we got honked at by a car behind us because they were trying to leave and we wanted to snap the picture. 😆

      I’m slowly on the mend. I spent most of our family vacation quite sick but such is life. You enjoy and remember the good moments! 😊 thanks for asking!

      1. Apparently those in the car behind you never heard the expression, “Stop and smell the roses”, or in this case see the beautiful sunset.

        I’m glad you’re getting better … rest and take care, my friend.

  7. What a lovely observation, Ab. It’s easy to start to check out as the day wraps up, but there’s good stuff all around us if we just keep our eyes open. That sunset is stunning and the excitement and pride in T’s smile absolutely made my day!

    1. Thanks Erin. For sure, there are lots of good stuff at all parts of the day if we keep our eyes open. You summed it up quite nicely. 😊

  8. What a wonderful trip in a glorious place Ab! I think there’s magic there and that magic isn’t at all dependent on time, weather, or even that yummy chowder. I might suggest that the people also have a lot to do with it 😉

    1. Thanks Deb. Yes, for sure, the company you enjoy these moments with make such a difference too and add so much to the magic of the moments! 🙏😊

  9. You must be reading my mind Ab. I do have a tendency to think the day is over and to not look and see the majesty in life, but it’s there in the sunset and the stars. Need to be open to it! Looks like a fun trip! Awesome!😎😎😎

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