Enjoy the Silence

I’m going to tell you a secret: It’s ok to say no, to put your needs first, to self indulge. It’s become a morbid joke that when I plan self care time, something bad happens. Christmas 2019: T got sick for a week. Christmas 2020: Ma had a nearly life-ending stroke on the first dayContinue reading “Enjoy the Silence”

Lavender Haze

One of my favourite day trips was a pre pandemic weekend visit to the beautiful family-run Terre Bleu Lavender Farm when T was 4. I find the farm grounds very calming and enjoying lavender ice cream on a summer day is a treat. Lavender is known for its calming qualities. You may have seen thisContinue reading “Lavender Haze”

Respite, Rainbow, Recharge

On the theme of R words, this week was about R&R. Rest and recuperation are especially important when raising kids with additional needs and endless energy like T. Our family has been going full speed for the last three months, with unexpected health issues and a return to virtual schooling on top of the regularContinue reading “Respite, Rainbow, Recharge”