The Odyssey

Off we go. Join us for live updates along our 16-hour drive to the East Coast of Canada. It’s our annual two-week summer roadtrip to visit T’s grandparents in New Brunswick. I love family roadtrips for many reasons – bonding, listening to music in the car, taking unplanned detours, delicious food stops, snacking on junkContinue reading “The Odyssey”

Childhood Summers and the Call of the Wild

We hiked along Nigadoo Falls and found an off-the-beaten-path swim spot with a gorgeous backdrop of jagged rocks, tall evergreens, a river current and cliff jumpers. It was a wonderful and refreshing way to spend a Friday afternoon, sharing this cozy private freshwater bowl with a dozen locals. With his lifejacket on, T explored theContinue reading “Childhood Summers and the Call of the Wild”

Reunions with Grandparents!

After a year of separation, T reunited with his grandparents from both sides of the family. Two weekends ago, we spent a Saturday with my uncle’s family, our Aunt and Ma – going on a nature walk and ending the day with a delicious bbq prepared by my aunt and cousin. It was Ma’s firstContinue reading “Reunions with Grandparents!”