Reunions with Grandparents!

After a year of separation, T reunited with his grandparents from both sides of the family.

Two weekends ago, we spent a Saturday with my uncle’s family, our Aunt and Ma – going on a nature walk and ending the day with a delicious bbq prepared by my aunt and cousin.

My aunt’s almond jello, one of my favourite desserts.

It was Ma’s first time seeing T since last November and her stroke near Christmas.

T was in an exceptionally good mood and his friendliness lifted Ma’s spirits. It was wonderful watching the two of them interact and T getting his favourite back rub from his Ama.

This past Saturday, we got up at 5 am to make our long-awaited visit to New Brunswick, a province in the East Coast of Canada.

Changes to restrictions allow us to visit, our first visit since 2018, and the first time we’re seeing the hubby’s parents since March 2020.

While I was sad our Northern Ontario roadtrip got cancelled, since we had a great time last summer, I’m happy we get to visit T’s Grammy and Grandad for our annual summer vacation instead.

We usually do the 16-hour drive over two days but we did it in one go, to avoid an overnight stay in Quebec.

T got up in a super excited mood on Saturday. We had packed the night before and we were out the door by 6:30.

T is a super trooper during long drives, an irony considering this kid can’t sit still at home or at school.

We took frequent breaks and had an unexpected lunch-time reunion at the Ontario-Quebec border with longtime friends, whom we go camping with every summer prior to the pandemic, who were also on their way to the East Coast.

I should’ve unwrapped the foil before I took this picture. There’s a yummy chicken leg under there!

An East Coast roadtrip is never complete without a stop at St Hubert, a rotisserie chicken chain in neighboring province, Quebec. It was delicious!

We arrived at my in-law’s home close to midnight local time – they are an hour ahead.

We were all delirious by that time but it was a wonderful reunion. T gave them both a big hug and it was heartwarming to see my hubby reunite with his parents after such a long time.

We slept like a log and woke up to a beautiful New Brunswick morning by the saltwater bay – and 10 days of summer vacation ahead of us.

24 thoughts on “Reunions with Grandparents!

  1. I’m so happy that you were able to visit your family out east. That must have been quite the reunion. I’m impressed that you managed to do the 16-hour drive in one go! That’s a lot of driving. It’s funny how it’s a similar distance to go from Toronto to either New Brunswick or Thunder Bay!

    1. Thank you, L! It definitely was quite the drive and we do it again in three days. 🤣 And yes, it does make one realize just how massive Ontario is. I will say that the Thunder Bay drive is more lovely, especially the Lake Superior stretch. We made a vow to do summers differently starting next year, a little time in the East and a little time in Northern Ontario. Already looking forward to summer 2022. 🤣

      1. The drive to Thunder Bay really is quite lovely and one of the most scenic road trips we’ve ever taken. I like that idea of alternating between Eastern Canada and Northern Ontario. I’d love to take a road trip out east next summer. There never seems to be enough time. Enjoy the rest of your trip and best of luck on the marathon of a drive back home!!

      2. An East Coast roadtrip is always a treat. Happy to share suggested stops if you decide to do it. 😊 Enjoy the rest of your day and week. Last day of vacation over here. 😑

      3. Awesome, I might just have to take you up on your offer. Now that travel is back on the menu I’ve been looking around for places to visit in December. Probably not the East Coast though! Maybe somewhere warmer! Hope you enjoyed the final day of your vacation. Safe travels home. It’s been very hot and muggy here.

      4. Ba ha ha. Yeah, unless you want to spend your vacation trapped indoors in knee or shoulder-height snow, you may wanna avoid the East Coast in December. Summer for sure is just lovely!

        Can’t believe December is just around the corner!

  2. Of course T is a super trooper in the car, look at all the wonderful places you two take him! I’m glad to hear your Ma is doing better and that you had nice visits with the grandparents.

    1. Thanks Robyn. It’s been a mostly relaxing vacation and glad for T to spend this time with his family.

      Hope you, Declan and family are enjoying a great summer as well. It’s just flying by so quickly!

    1. Thank you, LaDonna. It’s been a mostly very relaxing reunion so far and it’s flying by oh so quickly. I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying your summer too!

  3. How wonderful for you all to be able to spend time with your family after so long apart! Amazing to drive for 16 hours in day, I think if I did that here I’d be in the sea 😂
    I just looked it up and from the south coast of England to the north coast of Scotland is only 12 hours drive. My house to the nearest point in Scotland is 5 hours. This is why anywhere 1 hour away is a long way for me

    1. 😂😂😂 You ever thought about taking up scuba diving? The scenery here is very lovely so we don’t mind the long drives.

      I guess it’s all relative! On the flip side, I can see the appeal of having so many great places close by. I would be so thrilled to have Scotland just 5 hours away from me. So beautiful there.

  4. To reunite with Family after such a very long time because of restrictions is priceless. I’m so happy T get to meet his grandparents and you and your Hubby with your families. I haven’t seen my parents for 3 years, almost 2 because of strict covid lockdown in Phil. Thank you for the sharing such a beautiful loving reunion . Oh, l like Almond Jello too. Reminds me to ask my wife to make one, she usually does it with lychee. But now I remember the unique delicious sweet flavor of almond of childhood. Wonderful pics and story. I’m off the next 2 weeks for a long over due mental, emotional vacation . Take care my friend. Stay safe and awesome always 🙏☀️

    1. Thank you! Family time is so important especially during these pandemic times. It’s been such a nice time to catch up.

      I hope you get to see your parents soon. I have half of my family in the Philippines and it sounds like things are a little behind in terms of vaccination but also catching up. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

      Almond jello with lychee is the best! 😊 good call. I also really like Ginataan and haven’t had that in a while. Probably my fave Filipino dessert.

      Enjoy your well deserved two weeks off and look forward to reading all about how you’ve spent it! 👍👍👍

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