The Traveller

What’s the meaning of a name and does it express one’s desire in life?

For social studies this week, T completed an assignment that asked to research his name.

It turns out one of the meanings is “traveller.”

To see the world was one thing the hubby and I prioritized during life before T.

Traveling is harder to do as parents but we find ways to have adventures with T.

Valuing experiences over things is something we instill in T – and I wish to see as much of the world with T.

I wish for T to experience everything the world has to offer – with or without us – and to not put a limit on where life takes him.

When we learned his name’s meaning, I thought back with a smile to our adventures: camping, roadtrips, Spring Breaks.

I feel thankful for these opportunities and I look forward to the adventures ahead.

Parenting a child with FASD is also about traveling on an emotional journey – the biggest adventure of the hubby and my lives.

It challenges us like a difficult hike, but the views at the peaks are so rewarding.

Part of travelling is also taking time to rest at pitstops and give thanks for the journey.

Today, on Canadian Thanksgiving, we are hosting a small family dinner.

We got up early to start cooking and cleaning.

T got his reading work out of the way in the morning – a blessing as this can often be a painful prolonged task.

I paused to give thanks for the great progress he’s made with his reading, especially when compared to just a year before.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a walk while the hubby prepared the turkey.

After lunch, I snuck away to enjoy the endorphin rush of a gym workout.

When I got home, T was in the yard, alternating between playing with fallen leaves and helping the hubby with yard work.

Family arrived at 6 and we sat down to enjoy a hearty meal.

As I took things out of the fridge, I paused to look at T’s Thanksgiving school activity, on which he wrote: “I’m thankful for my dads.”

We feel the same way, T.

His writing needs practice, but the heart and spirit are there. 😊🙏 I just noticed on the top left, he tried to write “I’m thankful for Taco Bell.” 😆

Wherever you are joining from, I want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. May your travels be blessed with joy and adventure.

30 thoughts on “The Traveller

      1. I don’t believe they do but I’m not sure to be honest. There’s a huge expat community here so I’m sure many bars and restaurants will do something even if the locals don’t celebrate. We are settling in well. Thank you Ab 🙏

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  1. What a feast! Very fitting with T’s discovery of the meaning of his name. All the ingredients to make those seemingly delicious dishes came from different places — they ‘traveled’ and made their ways to your house’s kitchen. T’s lifepath will also bring him somewhere, and he will carry his fathers’ love for him wherever he goes.

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    1. Thanks Bama! Credit to the hubby for the feast. I made the sweet potatoes, he did the rest. 😊 I do genuinely wish T’s life path will carry time to many places near and far. As with any journey, one day and one step at a time. 🙏 Hope you’re having a nice week!

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  2. The meaning of T’s name seems very fitting! I couldn’t agree more about the importance of prioritizing experiences over material possessions. I must say, what an impressive bonfire on the beach! Looks like you had quite the spread for your Thanksgiving dinner. It’s hard to believe that the long weekend is already over. It never seems to be long enough.

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    1. Thanks Linda. The bonfire was from a previous summer visit to his grandparents’ cottage in the East Coast. It was warm. 🙂 Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too. The long weekend just flew by!

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  3. Just look at that marvelous spread of food!!! I’d like a bit of sweet potatoes, some turkey with gravy, a bit of stuffing, and a piece of the pumpkin pie … don’t know where I’ll put it all, but I’ll take home the leftovers! I loved T’s paper about what he’s thankful for … yes, I loved seeing that he’s thankful for his dads, but even more … the lower left corner where he writes, “YAY, I’m Alive” … wow … that nearly brought a tear to my eye. How many kids would say that … it’s so encouraging to know he treasures his life! Enjoy your day of leftovers, my friend!

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    1. Thank you, Jill. Kudos to the hubby for doing the lions sharing of the cooking. I did the garlic Parmesan sweet potatoes though. 🙂 And it was “sugar pie” not pumpkin pie although I can see the resemblance. It was a wonderful meal and thankful for the time with good company. And yes, the “Yay, I’m alive” note was a lovely message. It’ll be more like a week of leftovers. 😆 Take care and enjoy your day too, Jill.

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      1. Yes, kudos to him indeed!!! And you get a thumbs up for the sweet potatoes, too! Ahhhh … it did look very much like a pumpkin pie. I don’t think I’ve ever had a sugar pie, unless it might be what we call a custard pie? At any rate, it looks like a feast fit for a king!

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  4. You are so awesome! With all the adventures I read about in your posts, I’m not surprised by the meaning of T’s name, but I too was thinking about a different perspective of traveling and you nailed it by mentioning the emotional journeys. All three of you are so fortunate to have each other and you all inspire me as well. When things get rough, I pray and think “what would Ab do”. Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

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    1. Thank you, Tammy. The name meaning was so nice and almost poetic to learn about. The nice thing about Thanksgiving is it gives you a moment to say thanks for what truly matters and you’re right, we are truly fortunate. I’m glad we can also lend each other support and inspiration through our respective journeys. Take care!


      1. It’s interesting to learn the meaning of ones name. My g-son’s name was chosen from the Bible & loosely means tree, of strong roots & growth. Eventhough the Bible relates it to a female, he definitely owns it. You take care as well. 🥰

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      2. That’s a lovely name with such deep and wonderful meaning. And glad he’s owning it! My name (Abraham) was also chosen from the Bible! 😊


  5. Oh, I’m laughing about Taco Bell. But I love your sentiment, “Valuing experiences over things is something we instill in T ” That is such an awesome value statement. I need to remember to have that front and center of our focus too.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ab! Glad you all had a wonderful day and I love your journey. I’m so grateful that you share your travels with us!! XOXO —


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