Cross Country Race

Our little guy competed in his first cross country school meetup today.

For a kid who is endlessly active, gym is a class T struggled with the last few years.

For his mid-year report card last year, his gym teacher gave him an “I,” as he didn’t participate enough for her to give a proper assessment. He ended the year with a C+.

But she does try to find ways to engage him and suggested that he join the school cross country team this year.

Today’s meetup took place at Earl Bales Park, near our old neighbourhood. It is a city park with a ski hill that runs a mini chair lift in winter!

We’ve gone hiking there many times and here was T charging up that ski hill in Fall 2018. I saw my life flash before me when I made it to the top.

So we felt hopeful T would do well today.

We reminded him the most important thing was to try his best, have fun and to pace himself and not burn all his energy at the beginning.

Well, T did amazing.

He finished in 8th place – and the first from his school – in the Grade 2 race.

We are so proud of our guy!

The hubby took the day off to spend with him. His teacher not so subtly told us that it’d be wonderful if we could come to cheer him on.

Never one to mince words, the hubby was like, cut the crap, you want us to supervise him. He got to ride a school bus with little kids today. 😂

All kidding aside, I’m glad the hubby got to witness this proud moment and that T got to see Daddy cheer him on at the finish line.

Today is an excellent reminder of what is possible when schools find ways to identify strengths in their students and create opportunities to build their confidence.

25 thoughts on “Cross Country Race

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    1. Thank you for visiting. Our son is definitely not dim witted. We all recognize and let him know he’s bright and smart but struggles in areas related to hyperactivity, impulsivity and focus – which are essential skills in the classroom. To put it bluntly, it’s not an intellectual disability but rather a learning disability. We’re thankful for the supports he has at school and am proud of the great progress that he’s making. One step at a time.

      Thanks for commenting and take care.


  2. Sounds like you found a winner of a school there Ab! Also sounds like you and hubby have built a winner out of T. What an amazing effort. Proud you both should be. 😊🙏

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    1. Thanks very much! We’re very proud of our T. I’ve been to Wales briefly once almost 10 years ago and I can only imagine what cross country was like with those hills! I do remember very fat wooly cute sheeps though. 😊


  3. Way to go, T! It sounds like he did well. Maybe the fact that your husband was also there helped, although I can’t help but picture him in that school bus with other kids. 😆

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    1. Thank you! We used to be somewhat neighbours then! We lived closer to Yonge than Bathurst. We miss the food in the area a lot but glad to have more space to run around in!

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  4. That’s very exciting to hear that T finished first from his school in the Grade 2 race and was in the top 20!! Cross country running seems like a great way to harness all of T’s energy. And how wonderful that the hubby was there to cheer T on and could celebrate with him at the finish line!

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    1. Thanks Linda. We actually confirmed this morning he came in 8th! We’re so proud. 🙂 We hope this will help with enjoy gym class more and participate in it. I wish I was there too but glad the hubby got to be there with him. Happy Tuesday!


      1. That’s amazing!!! It goes to show just how much energy and determination T has!! I’m sure the race was such a huge confidence booster for him. Are there more cross country races during the school year? Or was it just the one?

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  5. That is awesome! What a great way to channel his energy. And I love your conclusion about schools identifying strengths and building confidence! That is great when people take the time to do that. Go T!!!

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      1. I think he’s pretty proud of himself! 🙂 But like with every thing, he’s moved on to the next thing fairly quickly. 😆 Happy Tuesday!


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