Visiting My Kindergartener’s Class

It’s the horror every child dreads: when the parent visits their class.

It began when T’s class, still virtual, was doing a week-long lesson about rainforests.

Unbeknownst to me, the hubby reached out to T’s teacher to share a read-aloud video that I had done a few years ago.

It was part of a fun project my colleagues led and I filmed one of the videos, reading a kids book about a tiger in a rainforest.

The hubby saw a thematic fit and before I knew it, I was invited to share the video with T’s class.

I was ready to murder the hubby when he told me and I joked with T’s Child and Youth Worker that I was soon to be a single parent.

On the day of the visit, I was quite nervous.

I do presentations and chair meetings all the time for work and am very comfortable doing so. But presenting in front of a class of kindergarten kids – and T’s peers – was terrifying.

I talked faster than normal. But I got through it.

Then the teacher played the video for the class. I nervously watched the children’s faces. Afterwards, T’s teacher asked how the kids enjoyed it.

I held my breath but sighed when I saw kids putting their thumbs up. One kid shouted, “Double thumbs up!”

I looked at T, who seemed a mix of amusement and indifference.

I thought it was over then T’s teacher asked if I could do the tiger roar as I had done in the video.

I giggled nervously. The hubby, who was standing off to the side, broke into a giggle fit.

I debated about stabbing him right then and there but there would’ve been too many witnesses.

So I did the big tiger roar.

I started laughing at myself afterwards. Then T got irritated – cuz he thought I was laughing at him – and kept turning off the mic and video when I tried to say thanks to his teacher.

All kidding aside, I really enjoyed the experience.

And you know what, I did feel proud getting to share such a fun video and great story on behalf of T to his peers. Hopefully I made him proud!

He’s still at this adorable age where his parents are fun and he wants to play and hang out with them. So this experience visiting his class was just an extension of that bond.

I am always so touched when the teacher tries to involve T in the lesson. I know her intentions in having me speak to the class were good.

And hey, might as well do it now while T is young and not too cool yet for his embarrassing parents!

12 thoughts on “Visiting My Kindergartener’s Class

  1. This post made me smile. It’s funny how even though you present regularly at work, you were nervous to do so in front of T’s class. It’s much easier to present in front of a group of strangers than it is when someone you know is in the audience. That’s great that you got the double thumbs up of approval!! And what a great way to end off than by doing a big tiger roar. That part cracks me up. Glad you enjoyed the experience and were able to share it with T.

    1. Thank you, L! Definitely a memorable highlight from this ongoing torture of virtual schooling. 😊 6 more weeks to go!

      1. The end is in sight! And hey, it looks like camping might reopen soon as it’s part of stage one of the new reopening plan. It’s odd that Ford couldn’t confirm if schools will reopen in June though.

      2. Yes the announcement yesterday does give us so much to feel hopeful about. I highly doubt schools will open in June but I am open to being surprised! 🙂 Enjoy your extra long weekend. Almost there!

  2. Well done Ab. Room full of children is far more terrifying than adults. Children can be brutal. You should be proud 🙏

  3. That’s awesome! Way to go! I would be just as nervous (and I am sure D would be worried what I was going to say too!). I have volunteered for D’s classes but have never been bold enough to actually read to the class. I would probably be a single parent now too if Bob ever put me in that position! Haha! 😉

    1. Thanks Robyn. It was very daunting. Children are so brutally honest. 🤣 That’s great that you volunteer for D’s classes. I can see that being very fun (without the presenting part). Enjoy your upcoming long weekend. Almost here!

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