The Odd Duck

You often need to look no further than to nature for a little perspective.

T and I went for a late morning walk to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and to get out of the house.

Outdoor spaces have been a lifesaver during this pandemic. On some days, the thought of outdoor time is what keeps me hanging on.

This past week was hard. The combination of virtual schooling hell, general tiredness, and a feeling of languishing felt stressful.

I had a meltdown mid week. I was trying to get T to write out sentences. Nothing hard but he was being so difficult and I lost my temper.

It was not one of my better moments, but it’s behind us and I’ll do better next time!

My goal for this weekend was to recharge and reset. Nature always helps with both.

T and I explored a new trail along the Electric Corridor near our home.

A field draped in yellow dandelions during mid Spring always feels calming.

The trail led us to a pond, where we stumbled upon a family of geese and goslings.

Beyond adorable, T was immediately enamoured.

“Can I pet them?” He asked and I reminded him to leave wild animals alone.

We enjoyed watching them from a close distance, with T keeping a close eye on one of the pacing geese, convinced it was going to peck him.

There was a set of goslings sitting in a shady part at the edge of the pond, with one of the parents hovering protectively nearby.

I thought to myself how wonderful it was to be reminded that families come in all forms and this family was making due on their little pocket of this planet that has been taken over by humans.

Then I noticed a gosling off on the side, not sitting still like the others. Wandering and pacing about, while being followed by an elder goose.

That was a kindred spirit for our T, I thought.

“Odd ducks” in nature don’t have access to therapy services, school supports, toys like a Switch to motivate them – but somehow they get by under the watchful care of their parent.

Yes, I am over simplifying and romanticizing a brief encounter with a gosling and its parent.

But it was a gentle reminder to take a deep breath and if nothing else, take a moment outside of my little life and enjoy the larger world around me.

9 thoughts on “The Odd Duck

  1. Good thing we had the perfect weather for you to recharge and spend time in nature this weekend. We all have our moments. We are human after all. I’m usually not a fan of Canadian Geese, but their babies look so cute this time of the year. I couldn’t help but smile when you wrote about T asking if he could pet them.

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    1. Thank you, L! Geese are annoying for sure with how much they poop but the little goslings are so cute. I agree with you on that! 😊

      The weather is so lovely this week. I can’t wait for the long weekend to explore. Almost there! I bet you’re counting down too.

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  2. I love this time of year watching all the geese pairings. How the females sit and the males stand right beside them until the big day comes all the little goslings are born. If I saw one off to the side I would probably have the same thought about the odd duck and loving, watchful parents. Such a special time of year and I agree that it is a reminder of the great big world around us doing it’s thing while we take a deep breath and do ours.

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    1. Thank you, Robyn. It is a nice time of the year indeed. I am curious now how long goslings stay goslings before they are off on their own. I wonder if it’s multiple seasons/years. Curious now indeed. 🙂 Have a good upcoming week! Long weekend soon!

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