When I Grow Up…

T’s child & youth worker recently shared a super sweet story.

The hubby and I chatted with her two weekends ago to strategize for the return to virtual learning.

She has been such a godsend to T and we consider her to be an integral part of Team T.

At the end of the call, she told us that recently in class, they asked the kids what they want to be when they grow up.

T said he wants to be a parent.

It melted my heart and I started to tear up.

Two weeks into homeschool hell, the hubby and I have been finding it exhausting.

In some ways, it’s been easier. But the sheer volume of things we have to coordinate and look after on a daily basis is draining.

This weekend, the three of us took it easy and did a whole whack of nothing.

Friday evening, T found me lying down in bed.

“Can I come rest with you?” He asked.

I responded without even thinking, “No, cuz then it’s not called rest.”

But he came and lied down next to me anyway.

He took my phone and started looking at the photos, something he likes to do often.

“Do you remember this?” He asked, holding the screen to my face.

It was a photo from our summer roadtrip and stop at beautiful Killarney Provincial Park.

“Yes, I loved that day,” I said.

“Can we please go back?” He asked.

I smiled and replied, “Yes, we’re going back there this summer. I can’t wait to go swimming in the lake again.”

I love that we’ve created these memories with T and that he recalls them with fondness.

When I was in my early 20s and in university, I had many dreams for my future. Being a parent was not one of them.

As I near my 40s, I have to agree with T: being a parent, his parent, has been the best thing about growing up.

I certainly do not always feel this, especially during these recent challenging days.

But during the quiet moments that we are gifted each day, like lying down on a bed and looking at photos together, that feeling rings very true in my heart.

And yes T, I also can’t wait for summer to be here and to create new memories in nature again!

18 thoughts on “When I Grow Up…

  1. He is such a sweet boy. Some of my best memories are when my kids and grandkids hopped in bed with me.You are definitely doing something right. Enjoy because it goes by so fast.

    1. Thanks Diane! He has his so many sweet and caring moments but I’d also be lying if I said he didn’t have really hard moments and I know you know as you’ve worked with individuals like T. The pandemic virtual school days are so so hard and it’s been meltdown after meltdown every day. So I hang onto these sweet moments as reminder go focus on the big picture!

  2. Your post melts the reader’s hearts. Truly endearing and beautiful. You are blessed with a wonderful family, & thanks for sharing them and your world. Happy New Year full of overflowing blessings and adventures.

    1. It is so so nice to hear from you! I have missed seeing your updates but I know you have a lot on the go right now. Hang in there – and thanks for helping fight the pandemic! – and look forward to catch up with you further soon!

      1. Thanks . Got my covid 2 dose shot. More confident but still cautious. It’s now anything goes here in California, which mirrors what the news are saying. Take care my friend. We try always to live life to the fullest:

      2. I’m very glad to hear you got your shots! It’s so important as you are frontline worker. Stay well and safe!

      3. Thank you. Life is a little less chaotic now that our schools have reopened. 😊 I just saw you posted a Winter Break update so I am looking forward to hearing about how it went. And enjoy not having the snow. I can’t wait till Spring arrives! 😊 Take care.

      4. Thanks. We just did one day trip to Seaside, Carmel & Big Big Sur & it’s was perfect. The rest where family bonding at home playing games & eating. Yep, gaining weight for sure. The happiest moments are really the simple quality time we spent with those we love. We might go back again this weekend. Weather is nice supposedly.

      5. That sounds like heaven even the weight gain part. Enjoy your upcoming weekend and weather. It’s -20 wind chill today over here. 🤣

  3. This post just melted my heart. How sweet that T wants to be a parent. It goes to show how much of a role model you and your hubby are to him and it’s a good sign that he’s enjoying his childhood. Also, T has good taste when it comes to parks. Killarney is one of my favourites and I’m definitely planning on visiting it again this year too.

    1. Thank you, L! 😊 And we are so so looking forward to heading back to Killarney. I can’t wait. I see you have your Killarney post up. Look forward to enjoying it soon.

  4. That is so sweet! T is so thoughtful – what he chose to be when he grows up melted my heart too. Great job, Papa! You are rocking at your parent role so much to make T want to be just like you as a dad. That is awesome!

    1. Thanks Robyn! I can say we’re definitely not rocking it but we’re doing our best! 🙂 And celebrating the moments we have with T that are heartmelting. Helps balance out the ones that are the complete opposite! 🤣

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