Our Budding Little Baker

Learning comes in all forms, as we’ve learned from homeschooling in lockdown. Making a no-bake keylime pie with T reinforced lessons in measurement, chemistry and having fun!

The hubby enjoyed the strawberry and rhubarb pie that T and I made last week and asked us to make this no-bake keylime pie recipe from A Million Moments.

The ingredients were simple to gather and the prep took only a few minutes. Then I called T over and we got to work.

What I enjoy about baking with T is that it teaches him about completing a project from start to finish and that he can then immediately see and enjoy (hopefully!) his work.

Baking teaches him about measurement and that different ingredients combine to create something magical, so we get simple math and chemistry in there too!

The prep work in baking, like crushing and spooning graham crackers into mason jars, helps T work on his fine motor skills, which we knew early on would be an issue he needs to work on.

I love that T is learning to use basic tools like an electric blender. We make sure he wears his noise-cancelling headphones as he has heightened noise sensitivity.

T is still very young but it’s never too early to teach him to take a little pride in presentation. This is the hubby’s area of fussiness… I mean, expertise. So I let him lead.

And of course, we have to remember the most important part of baking and learning is to have fun… and lots of whip cream.

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  1. Yum! Those looked great! I laughed at that bit of “fussiness” 🙂 Looks like a great project for the whole family with a lot of benefits for T!

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