We Can and Must Do Better

Like many others, the horrifying murder of George Floyd weighed on my mind this week.

Since we adopted T, I often view and process news and events through the eyes of being his Papa.

I often think to myself about how I can protect T from the horrors of the world while he is young, how I can educate and prepare him to face these horrors when he’s older, and how I can ensure he contributes positive things to the world and helps combat these horrors.

I will never – thankfully – experience the inequities that black people have faced simply for the colour of their skin.

There was something enraging this past week in seeing how some politicians and individuals have reacted to peaceful protests. Those in power focused on the separate group of looters and used that to distract from or try to discredit the larger issue: a broken system that continues to allow black people to be subjected to police brutality.

Like the pandemic, I am glad that T is young and innocent and oblivious to these injustices. But unlike the pandemic, which will pass, racism is deeply rooted in our society and it’s going to take more than a vaccine to eradicate it.

I don’t have all the answers to give T nor do I even know how to talk about something like this with him should he ask me about it today (the Sesame Street video below helps a little!).

As he gets older, starts noticing differences and asks questions, I will need to be prepared.

To do that, I need to do my part to ask questions, to listen and pay attention, to speak up, to not be silent, and to better educate myself.

And the hubby and I will teach T to do the same.

Because we all can and must do our part to make things better.

7 thoughts on “We Can and Must Do Better

  1. This week pointed out to me where I have been quietly failing as a person and I guess, as a parent. I was under this delusion that “everything is fine.” I have never considered myself a racist, nor have I raised my kids to be racists. I also didn’t see the problem. A friend posted an article from NPR listing all the names of black people that were innocently killed by the police in the few past years. It is staggering. I need to do more. Listen more, speak up, and stand with the black community – teach my kids the same and like you, figure out how to answer all those hard questions about something so wrong.

    1. You strike me as a fantastic parent, Robyn, who advocates for her children. 🙂 And it’s nice to hear you are reading up, speaking up and listening more. I think that where we can all play a role in being an ally – just as there are allies for our children in the different struggles they will face. Hard and uncomfortable questions for sure. But the conversation is needed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  2. It is a terrible world that does not show equality and compassion! But you and hubby are all the guidance that T needs. And maybe one day, the world will be a better one for him and his children! 🙂

    1. Thanks Andi. I agree. I think that’s one of the roles we can play to help – is to better inform ourselves and those in our immediate circles, like T. I sure do hope things change for the better and that he grows up in a better world than the one we’re in right now! … Glad and heartening to see the supportive protests in the UK this weekend too.

      1. I just saw on the news that in my home city of Bristol, a statue if a british ‘Slaver’ Edward Colston being toppled and tossed into the docks! The underlying problem of systemic racism within the establishment is universal sadly.

      2. I saw that video earlier on social media. I didn’t realize you had such a relevant connection! I will admit I know nothing about this gentleman – so I had to look him just now. It’s very interesting to see how history is being revisited with a new and modern lens.

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