Guiding Light

Earlier this month, Pa would’ve turned 100.

I thought about him when T had his first swim lesson.

T’s always loved the water. The outdoor pools saved our pandemic summers and T loves swimming in lakes during our outdoor adventures.

He’s very comfortable in the water and it was time he learned proper swim technique.

We found a school that offered smaller classes, a teacher-student ratio of 1:3. It was a sound investment to support T’s ADHD.

The first lesson took place after the first week of school. T’s excitement was palatable.

He got up on a weekend at 7 am and when it came time to leave, he got changed and brushed his teeth on his own with no fussing.

Who was this kid?!

The lighthouse at Presqu’ile Provincial Park during our recent camping weekend.

When we arrived at the school, we reminded him about “listening ears” and to have fun.

The hubby took T to shower then left him on the pool deck.

We sat in the parents’ viewing area. I was impressed T stood patiently for five minutes until his teacher called him into the water.

I was so proud T followed instructions. Every time he finished his task and looked towards us, we waved and gave him thumbs ups.

His kicking, breathing and strokes need practice – and that’s ok. He will get better with time.

As we sat for the 30-minute lesson, the hubby and I reminisced about taking T to parent-child gymnastics five years ago – and how we hated it.

We would alternate classes and dreaded our turn – because we’d get more workout than the other kids, because T never sat still and we spent the entire hour chasing after him.

It was when his FASD first started to feel real. I got so mad by the end of those classes – and once snapped at a meddling mom. 😂

T has come a long way since. We’ve come a long way since.

Watching T take his swim lesson from the viewing area reminded me of when I was 9, a bit older than he is now, and Pa did the same for me when I took swim lessons.

Life truly is a circle. I’ve transitioned from the child and learner into one of the guiding lights in T’s life, a role Pa once held.

Putting T in swim lessons is not just for building a needed life skill, but to also help build his confidence and self esteem, while having fun.

Just like when I took swim lessons as a child, the hubby and I celebrated the end of T’s lesson by going to McDonald’s for lunch.

During the car ride, we told T he did great – and the most important thing of all, it looked like he had a lot of fun!

And he said that he did have fun indeed.

24 thoughts on “Guiding Light

    1. Thanks Diane. Parenting changes everything for sure and I find it very rewarding viewing life from his eyes. Who knows, maybe being a grandparent is also in the cards for us one day too!


  1. Glad to hear that T is enjoying his swimming lessons and that he’s actually using his “listening ears” (I love that term!). Your pictures of Presqu’ile are so pretty. It’s hard to believe that summer is now officially over. And I can’t believe how cold it is outside today!! At least it’s Friday! Have a wonderful weekend. Linda

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    1. Thanks Linda. It’s been a fun two weeks. Third class this weekend. So hard to believe summer is done. And I had to wear pants and a jacket for my walk last night. Summer is definitely over. Have a nice weekend!

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  2. The circle of life, yes this is so true – and only as we get older do we really start to see/feel it 💫 I’m glad T had fun as he learns a new skill, learning is much easier if you’re enjoying it 😊

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  3. It’s great that you noticed what T likes and feels comfortable doing — in this case doing water-bound activities — and intentionally include this in T’s schedule. Maybe 10, 20 years from now he will find himself surfing the waves off Bali or Hawaii, or diving in some otherworldly location in the far corner of the globe!

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    1. Surfing in Bali and Hawaii would be wonderful, Bama! Right now, the furthest we’ve taken him is on a 4.5 hour flight. Anything longer would be challenging. But one step at a time! 🙂 The hubby and I tried scuba diving once in the Philippines and it was an amazing experience! Maybe with T one day.

      Hope you are having a nice week! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Rebecca! I know sports is often an area where kids with FASD thrive so we want to nurture that in T. He also ran four laps in the school track field on Friday! 😊


    1. Thanks Tammy! Water is one of his sensory enjoyments and you correctly surmised that he loves baths too! 😊 It’s a nice calmer, every other evening, before bedtime! Glad it works for your grandson too.


  4. Wow – those are such remarkable marks of improvement. Nice work to you all!!

    I love how you tie this together with your dad. What a wonderful full-circle connection as we raise kids in ways that our parents raised us. Beautiful!!

    And congratulations on the improvement – and fun!! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Wynne. Your recent post about visiting your dad reminded me of this moment too – and today is my dad’s death anniversary so we will be visiting him like we usually do on this date. Hope you three are enjoying your weekend!

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