Early Morning Goodbyes

One blessing during the pandemic was spending more time together as a family.

When I was losing my mind with virtual schooling, I stopped to think when else could I take a break during work to go for a walk with T or to eat breakfast together when I’d normally be at work.

This summer, things have returned to as normal as they have been in two and a half years.

In June, I returned to the office on a hybrid work schedule, which I am very thankful for.

Let’s keep it real: getting up earlier and a 1-hour commute each way really suck.

But there are benefits: getting time to mentally transition into and out of work and in-person collaboration with colleagues whom I’ve missed.

For most of the last two years, my morning routine consisted of waving bye to T on our steps as he left for school or daycare with the hubby.

His car window would roll down as he screamed and waved, “BYE!”

It really is the simple things in life that bring the greatest happiness.

In the mornings I now head to the office, I often sneak a kiss on his cheek while he’s still in bed before I head out.

His breakfast, vitamins, his lunch and snack, and his “post it note” are all prepared beforehand.

One morning last week, T got up as I was leaving.

He walked out with me and stood on the front steps in his PJs, barefoot and waved as I left.

As I walked halfway and then all the way down the street, I turned around and saw him on the sidewalk, repeatedly screaming “BYE!” at 7:15, waking up the street.

I shouted back for him to get back in the house. But inside, I felt a warm fuzzy glow. It was certainly a wonderful way to start my work day.

23 thoughts on “Early Morning Goodbyes

  1. It really is the simple things in life that bring the greatest happiness. I enjoy and love everything about your post. Gestures of affection and kindness are very important in Jump starting everyone’s day. A kiss, a wave of goodbye, a smile, a hug…they are like a ray of sunshine that makes all happy and motivated to go through what the day has in store whether work or home. My work is just close, and driving to work while listening to music is like my quick mental and emotional positivity relaxation meditation moment before doing what needs to be done. Thank you for the inspiration.

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    1. Thank you! You’re right, it really is the simple things in life. 🙂

      How awesome that your work is close and that you are able to use the commute to have a mental moment to yourself. I love using music to transition into and out of my work day too!

      Hope you are having a good work week so far!

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  2. Indeed, “It really is the simple things in life that bring the greatest happiness.” So much love and thoughtfulness in your post. It is dream Family and affection many wants to have. It’s makes a big difference to one’s day simple loving gestures like kissing, waving and saying goodbyes when one leaves work. It’s like a promise of a vey good , happy day for all. I need to do more of those when I leave for work. Thank you for the inspiration 🙏.

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  3. I completely agree about the benefits for having a better work-life separation when coming into the office. It’s also really nice to chit chat with coworkers again. In some ways going into the office feels a bit like summer camp for us adults. The commute is killer though. It takes me about 2 hours each way (but that’s because I like to walk to the GO station and then from Union to the office). That’s very sweet of T to wake up early to wave you goodbye as you went into the office. What a great way to start the work day!

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    1. Thanks Linda. I had a laughing fit with my colleagues yesterday and we were saying how we missed these kind of interactions! Daycamp is a great analogy!

      But yes, I hear you on the commute. I can’t even imagine spending 4 hours commuting each day. That is quite the trek!

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    1. Thank you, Rebecca. I do love the me time! And a 7-minute commute sounds heavenly. Hope you are reunited with your colleagues soon!


    1. Thanks Diane! It is so nice to have a sense of normalcy again. And agreed that these memories are what I will cherish forever.


  4. Such a beautiful memory! This gave me cause to reflect on how my mornings have changed with the pandemic. I am still working from home, though I will start teaching on campus again in the Fall. I must admit… I love being here to kiss my husband goodbye (as he does in to work) and to be able to linger over coffee when I want to. The pandemic really helped me to slow down a bit, and focus on what was right in front of me. Great post, Ab!

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    1. Thank you very much, Grace! I hear ya on the family time and you reminded me about how wonderful it was to slow down during the pandemic. The process of slowing down highlighted what is truly important in life!

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