Escape Room

“What am I escaping from?” asked the exasperated dad after the resort staff asked if he wanted to try their Escape Room game.

The staff asked another dad, walking quickly with a kid in tow and he asked, “Do I get to escape from this?”

He looked at me with T in one of his hyperactive moments and didn’t even bother asking!

As a parent, especially a parent of a special needs child, you often yearn for escape – especially the last two years.

Whenever we daydreamed about our resort getaway during the pandemic, the hubby and I always said we’d take advantage of the resort childcare services.

But we never used the service, because the truth is, we enjoy having fun with our guy.

As many parents will tell you, it is truly a blessing to experience the world through the wonder-filled eyes of a child.

Despite some hiccups, we had an amazing trip and would’ve been sad to experience any of the moments without T.

The last seven days have been an escape from reality, the grind, stress and responsibilities. I am super thankful for the memories we created.

Some memories were unfortunate, such as the hubby getting a stomach bug that kept him in bed for two days in the middle of our week away.

During those two days, I was a single parent and there were moments that felt more like a chore than a vacation.

On the second day, T was down. He said that he was very sad that his daddy was sick. So I worked hard to take T’s mind off his worries.

We spent an extra long time by the waterpark and pool and we took the resort trolley for a ride to explore the grounds.

During dinner, I watched T stuff his face with spaghetti in meat sauce – he had this for every lunch and dinner – and I felt that inner joy that comes once in a while; that swelling of gratitude that overwhelms my emotions.

I teared up as I stared at my life in front of me: I didn’t need to escape. Thanks to life’s mysterious ways, this wonderful boy found and rescued the hubby and I six years ago.

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  1. Thanks for the recent share. Also hope you and your family will be safe and healthy as the new variant is rising. Where I am, only some are into mask while everything is all opened without any precautions. Numbers will go up again this April & likely spike in Summer. Evading COVID seems to be getting harder by the year. Happy weekend.

    1. Our hospitalizations are going up again. I really wish the government did not lift the mask mandates. But there are elections coming up in June. So do the math about why!

      Thankfully people in my circle and in my sons school and daycare continue to mask. Thankful for common sense! 🙏

      1. Sorry about that. It is a scary thought sickness is on the rise while health measures are at its worst. But I think even these politicians can ignore the news when it’s starts having headlines again like “overwhelm,” “crisis,” “on the brink,” “people dying.” Everyone knows about the COVID lies and misinformations but it seems everyone got okay with it now. I don’t understanding what really went wrong with this COVID that never ends.

  2. I love that you described that overwhelming feeling of gratitude…those moments where your emotions swell to such a degree that it is hard to believe just how lucky you are to live the life you lead. That is such a beautiful moment. I loved reading this beautiful post. So glad to hear that you got to take a vacation with your little guy!

    1. Thank you, Grace. For sure, life is a wonderful journey when you take a moment to take stock of every wonderful moment and things that it is filled with. Take care.

  3. I am so happy for you that you and your Family get to have this much needed escape from the World and from all the stress and negativity. I take family vacations seriously. To me, it’s the only time I get to fully enjoy time for myself and my family away from the influence and hardships from work, world and people. I am very big on moments and memories, and I can so relate when you teared up reflecting on your blessings and how wonderful life have been with T. Childhood is a magical time every parent should never miss. I am very grateful to have experienced that magic when my Son was T’s age. I wish I can slow it down but time was in a hurry. Thank you sharing your adventures and thoughts. Love them all. “The last seven days have been an escape from reality, the grind, stress and responsibilities. I am super thankful for the memories we created.”

    1. Thank you! You summed it up very well. Family vacations are treasured blessings because they provide an escape from it – and we need to truly immerse ourselves in the moment because time does fly by oh so quickly. 🙏 I hope you get to have another break with your family soon too. The weather is certainly getting nicer! 😊 Enjoy the rest of your week!

      1. 200% I agree!!! What I remember as an adult going through trials and pain are the happy childhood memories. They are my true treasures my parents gave me that I get to take wherever I am in this planet.

  4. I am thinking that any escape room that you would go into in future [and indeed in the present] would have T in it.

    If it were T’s idea to be in the Escape Room – Daddy and Papa would be in it too [maybe not at the same time?]

    [or if it WERE at the same time you three].

    PS: I love the new title – MY LIFE WITH T – shows us very very clearly that it is a parent blog and a personal blog.

    [and that you have been listening to feedback over the past few months – Elkie from This rose will open is a very valued blogquaintance].

    What a fabulous Spring Break with all the three dimensions.

    And I am wondering what a Gratitude Room would be like.

    Also a Mindful Room/Engagement Room.

    [and when I thought of those rooms in my life and the lives of others I was reminded of Axline and what she said about the time inside and outside her therapy rooms].

    1. Thanks Adelaide!

      We would love to do an Escape Room with T one day. I’ve done them a few times with friends and they’re a lot of fun (one time the Escape Room unlocked another Escape Room and we all gasped as we thought we were finished). We’ll have to pick one that’s easy for T’s age or else the impatience will trigger an outburst. Haha.

      Thanks for the nice comment about the title change. I think it better reflects with how this blog has grown in the last two years and my relationship with T’s diagnosis as well.

      I definitely heard and empathize with where Elkie was coming from. I think we still have a difference in opinion over terminology but I respect and appreciate with where she was coming from. 😊 Most importantly, it felt nice that a total stranger felt such concern over my son’s wellbeing and that to me was a wonderful and appreciated feeling.

      We were so blessed to have been away indeed. Those 3D objects (lanterns) were hung up one night on the beach area and they were indeed very mesmerizing.

      A Gratitude Room is such a great idea. You’re onto something. Make it happen!

      Thanks as always for taking the time to read and to provide such thoughtful comments. Take care! 😊

  5. To experience the world through the eyes of the child is one of the most amazing things. We’re been on many family trips together and always made a promise to each other to leave our little one with childcare staff at the hotel, but I never could 🥰

    1. I can understand where you’re coming from. It always seems like such a dream to drop off your child for a few hours and have a vacation to yourself. But I could also never do it. I’d miss him too much and feel sad for experiencing something new without him. 😊 Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  6. I’m sorry to hear that the hubby caught a stomach bug for a couple of days during your vacation, but it sounds like you and T had a nice time together. And hey, at least all three of you weren’t out for the count! I wish I could escape from this cold (and rain).

    1. It was an unfortunate two days for him but he was able to enjoy the last full day with us so that is what I will remember the most – finishing strong. And I hear you, it’s been hard returning to this cruddy weather. But at least you can feel Spring in the air. First official day of Spring is tomorrow! 😊

  7. I truly admire you and your husband for your unconditional love for T. I can feel it through your words, and I’m sure so can T through those moments you spent with him. I know parenting is not easy, that’s why I have so much respect for those who take parenting seriously.

    1. Thank you Bama! He keeps us on our toes for sure and it’s not easy but oh so worth it. I do wish we were still on vacation though. 😆

  8. Beautiful!! I’m so glad that you all got away for some warmth, waves and spaghetti. Even with Hubby’s unfortunate bug, it sounds like a trip well-worth doing!

    What an awesome family you are – I love how you express your love and gratitude for this amazing experience of parenting! Hope the magic of having a break makes for a wonderful spring!

    1. Thanks Wynne! It was really nice to do get away – even with the stomach bug. The break was really nice – I sure wish we were still back there – but a great way to recharge before the first official day of Spring tomorrow!

  9. Your post made me feel all sorts of things. Most importantly, I feel the joy of having T as your child really jumped off the screen. I’m so sorry to hear about hubby’s stomach bug, but so glad other than that your getaway was fabulous.

    1. Thank you, Astrid, for your lovely comment. The joy does feel it like it jumps off my heart and into the world and glad to hear you felt it too.

      The stomach bug was really unfortunate, but he thankfully got to enjoy a full last day with us. So we ended off on a happy note! 😊

  10. Three lucky guys! Sorry to hear about the stomach bug, but it looks like overall it was great! Now you just need to replicate this spaghetti dish every now and then to remind T about these happy times. I found that every time we took a trip with our kids, there changed a bit; grew more mature perhaps. As if those trips were milestones in their developpement. I hope there will be many more trips in your future!

    1. Thank you! The stomach bug was unfortunate. Funnily as we were looking at our travel photos on the flight back, we found the likely exact moment the hubby got sick – he opened and ate a closed mussel at the Italian restaurant. Never eat a clam or mussel if the shell is closed – he should’ve known better! 😆

      And yes, we’re already counting down to the next trip. Not sure when it’ll be with the way the world is unfolding right now in Russia/Ukraine, but will have this as a way to motivate us. 😊

  11. You have a way with causing me to tear up, lol. Although I can’t relate directly to parenting a child who has special needs, I can relate to being a parent in general and when you share there are always so many other aspects that I connect with and can relate to. So the tears are those of inspiration and joy. Your attitude about things is so refreshing, especially how you summed it up in the end with T rescuing you guys when he came into your lives. Love it!!!!

    1. Glad to see you back online, Tammy, and I hope you are feeling better!

      Kids do bring out the best – and worst – in us and at the end of the day, I am thankful for having T in our lives and for our recent time away together. 😊

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