Moo Moo and Crab

Say hello to our T’s adopted children.

T has never played much with stuffed animals when he was younger. But at age 6, they join him everywhere.

He started taking his kids to the car to sit with him for the drive to and from school (when they were open!), to sleep with him, and to join him when he’s brushing his teeth.

During virtual schooling, we have an army of stuffies sitting around the tablet and he’d often bring some of them right up to the camera.

Not the bath time I was expecting!

I now have to floss Moo Moo and Crab (it’s really a lobster) before I can floss T in the mornings. As I brush Moo Moo’s teeth on some mornings, I think to myself this is what my life has come to. 😂

All jokes aside, it is quite a cute phase to experience as I know I will miss this when T is older. And I quite enjoy being their Grandad!

Every night before bedtime, T needs to have all of his stuffies with him in bed and the hubby and I have to hug and kiss each one of them as part of bedtime routine.

You may also have seen our recent puppet show productions! Below is a never before seen clip we did for Easter a few weeks ago!

A few weeks ago, as I laid next to T before bedtime, I overheard Moo Moo and one of his other stuffies, Patchy Patch, have an argument.

It turns out Moo Moo was angry at him. But they were talking it out and resolving the conflict with T’s help.

I shared this with T’s behaviour therapist and she said these toys could be a great outlet to help T process and learn about relationships.

I will say that it does make me sad – and pause to take deep breaths sometimes – when I’m having a busy day at work and I see T playing by himself with his stuffies.

I know it’s healthy play but it makes me sad and mad that schools are closed and T is missing valuable interactions with other children at such a critical point in his development.

But I know this is not final and it will pass.

So in the meantime, Moo Moo, Crab and friends will provide wonderful companionship and even some life lessons for our endlessly restless and lovable little pest.

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  1. Thanks for the recent comment. Can’t believe major store chains in the U.S. no longer requires mask if people are vaccinated. No one really knows who are vaccinated as proof of vaccination is not needed. America is celebrating too early while other parts of the world are at their worst like India and Brazil. Oh, well, important thing is we do what’s right and keep everyone around us safe. Summer is almost here and can’t we wait for more outdoors. Take care.

    1. I do think it’s good you’re opening up gradually. But I think the masks should stay until a majority of people are double vaccinated. But alas, here we go again. Hope you take good care and stay safe!

  2. It’s too bad that schools are closed and young kids like T are missing out on social interactions, building friendships and developing key communication skills. At least he’s getting creative and making do with his stuffies. I must say, he’s got quite the collection!! Glad to see you two are still making videos. Fingers crossed the stay-at-home order lifts on June 2nd and kids will have at least another month in the classroom before summer break.

    1. Thanks L! I’m not holding my breath to be honest about schools reopening before end of June. All I can hope for at this point is that summer camps are open. 🙂 But I’m open to being surprised!

      We were hoping to check out Mono Cliffs this weekend but will wait until the stay at home orders officially lift hopefully June 2!

      1. That’s true. All we can hope for at this point is a somewhat “normal” summer. Hopefully summer camps and camping will open up. Mono Cliffs is a great park to visit regardless of the season, although it can get quite busy. There unfortunately is no park crest for it. Either way, it’s still worth the visit as the views from the top of the Escarpment are gorgeous.

      2. Thanks. My hubby saw a Tik Tok video of the boardwalk and caves area at Mono Cliffs. It looks fantastic. Something to look forward to. But yes, I hear it gets quite busy. I read somewhere the lord were full this weekend.

        Enjoy your week. Almost the long weekend!

      3. It’s a neat area to explore. The trails are all interconnected so there are lots of options depending on how long you want to spend hiking. Parking has become a real issue these days. Sigh. I’m so over this pandemic. I can’t wait for the long weekend!!

  3. Oh yes save his favorite stuffed toys. I save my sons favorite and he has it in his 2 year old sons bedroom. The funny thing is, his wife’s parent save her favorite too and they both sit together. I am so glad T relates to these stuffed toys so well.

    1. Thanks Diane. That’s sweet that both parents did that bf now your grandson gets to benefit from both sets of toys. T has some stuff from the hubby’s childhood as well and it’s fun to think that some of his toys will be saved for his future children to enjoy!

  4. Aww This is so cute 💖 I hope the schools open up for you guys soon, so that T can hang out with all the other kids. I assume T’s not at school because of covid rules? It’s Canada, right?

    Oh, and don’t forget to also floss Moo Moo’s teeth! That’s very important 😉

    1. Thanks Yari. Yup, Canada. It’s pretty dismal here. 😞 And yes, we definitely have to floss all the stuffies before he lets us floss him. It’s such a production! 🙄😆

  5. So adorable. Took me back in time. I still have a few of my son’s favorite stuff toys, wish I kept them all because each holds a loving happy memory. Thanks 🙏

    1. I tend not to be hoarder but I will say that I am keeping select pieces from each age, so including favourite stuffed toys. Instant memories come to mind when I see them.

  6. Love the puppet show! That is a good point that the stuffies are helping T learn about relationships. It is kind of sad that he is missing out on so much socialization but that is great that T has the stuffies for companionship!

    1. Thanks Robyn. Yes, the lack of social interaction really gets to me on some days but best to not worry about things beyond our control. Hope you and D have a great weekend!

  7. Haha you’ve got to love children! I also wonder about the interactions our children are missing. Alas it is what it is. It sounds like you’re making the most of it with T Ab, which is amazing. Wishing you all (and moo moo and crab) well. 🙏

    1. Thank you, AP. All we can do is focus on the here and now and not stress about what we can’t control. It’ll hopefully pass soon.

      Are things more open in HK now? It’s still pretty dismal over here. 😞

      Have a great weekend!

      1. The situation regarding COVID has never been that bad here. The government measures have been so strict and the general population have been very good regarding social distancing/face mask etc. At the moment I can eat out with friends, etc – pretty much live a normal life.

        The problem is I feel a little imprisoned with most of my family and friends back in the UK. I simply can’t afford to travel and do 3 weeks quarantine in a hotel room on the way back – with kids there’s no way forgetting the amount of time off I would need. Still, I guess that’s what’s allowed us to have a relatively normal life here in HK so its give and take.

        Hopefully the storm will pass soon but you’re right – it’s more important to accept and focus on making the best of the present. Hope can be a dangerous thing in that regard.

        Wishing you well Ab! 🙏

      2. Ok, I understand now. I’m sorry about your family and friends situation. That sounds very rough and you’re not, it’s not pragmatic to travel and do the very expensive quarantine process especially with kids.

        On the bright side, HK has been a great model of how you’ve quickly contained the pandemic crisis.

        Hopefully this storm passes soon! It’s certainly been a very long one.

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