Finding Fitness and Wellbeing In Lockdown

The days are getting shorter and I think even more about wellness as we look ahead to the pandemic winter ahead.

A recent poll reported that 1 in 4 Canadians reported their mental health is worse now than in the first wave of the pandemic.

One thing I’ve missed a lot during this pandemic is the gym. It was my go-to wellness activity and I went 2-3 times a week during my lunch break.

But alas, if it’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we must do our best to adapt.

I always say that I‘m no good to anyone – my spouse, colleagues and most especially, our dear T – if I‘m not as close to my 100% as possible.

So I always make time for my personal wellbeing as this is so important, but often a challenge, to do as a special needs parent.

Here are a few ways I am making time and space for fitness and wellness during this pandemic.

Beautiful fall colours during a recent walk.

Daily walks with hubby

The hubby and I are in a very privileged spot to get to work from home. It’s not without challenges, but we’re grateful to be employed.

When T went back to school, the hubby and I started walking breaks from work. We use this time to explore new parts of the neighbourhood while dreaming about the future.

Afterschool Playtime

T would love to explore this train bridge area at Highland Creek Trail.

One of my favourite times of the day – other than when T is in bed – is picking him up from daycare.

We spend an hour at the playground. It’s one of my happy times. It helps me unwind from work and helps T burn off his excess energy.

Running around after him certainly gives me good cardio!

Investing in Home Gym Gear

This door is going to fall down on my face one day.

I regret pitching my dumbbells when we moved. It’s impossible to find them now and they cost a fortune in the resale market.

I recently invested in these high quality and still economical resistance band set from HomeProGym. They will never replace the gym but they are giving me a more-than-decent resistance training fix while gyms are closed.

Nature Walks

Highland Creek Trail. So pretty.

Going for outdoor and nature hikes with T is one of my favourite things to do.

I also make time to go on walks by myself, even just around the block. It helps me clear my head.

The pandemic has motivated me to explore local trails. The photos throughout this post were from a solitary walk last week to explore the scenic and calming Port Union Waterfront and Highland Creek trails in Toronto.

Eat Well

A scenic spot at Port Union Waterfront where I enjoyed a cheese danish.

Like most people, I’ve put on the COVID-19. It’s hard to keep the weight off when you’re eating 8 meals and 10 snacks a day working at home.

But generally, the hubby, T and I eat nutritious and balanced meals and also ensure we get additional vitamins and supplements as needed.

We really want T – who is a fussy eater (that’s another post) – to develop good eating habits.

Sleep Lots

A dreamy spot at Port Union Waterfront.

I strive for 8-9 hours of sleep a night and I am thankful I mostly get that.

I know as a special needs parent, this is often the exception rather than the norm!

And complex problems seemingly become less complicated after a good night sleep!


Walking and hopping along the rocky perimeter of Port Union Waterfront.

I keep up with the news so that I am informed but I avoid “doom scrolling” and obsessively reading up on the pandemic.

I like to focus on things I can control and try not to expend energy on things beyond my control.

I know these are challenging times. I really consider my family so blessed in the grand scheme. So I focus on this as I help T continue to develop and grow during this pandemic.

What are your strategies for fitness and wellness during lockdown? Whatever you are doing, stay well and take good care!

20 thoughts on “Finding Fitness and Wellbeing In Lockdown

  1. “I always say that I‘m no good to anyone – my spouse, colleagues and most especially, our dear T – if I‘m not as close to my 100% as possible.”
    I feel that- it reminds me why upkeeping physical fitness is so important, especially now. It’s easy to slip into sedentary living when many aspects of this pandemic encourage comfort and reduced activity, but we’ve got to keep our edge and physical energy up for those we care about. Thanks for sharing, stay strong!

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes, reducing social media use and turning off notification help us all be more present! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the inspiration & motivation. Been so out of shape & binge eating post work stress. I did however convert our part storage to gym. Just have to have that right mindset & drive. Wish me luck.

    1. Congrats on getting your home gym set up! It certainly takes lot of motivation to get energized and positive these days but the benefits and the endorphin rush are so worth it. I hope you are able to find the time to get some exercise in. I know it’s not easy these days. Take care and good luck!

  3. This is why I love reading your blog, well T’s adventures the most…lol You are always on top of things and so uplifting. I’m with you and will not watch the daily TV news Covid numbers, I hardly look at social media and I don’t exercise. (Pretend you didn’t see that last part…lol)

    1. Thanks Diane. I try to stay positive. Most days are good, some not so much. But every day is a new start.

      I think a lot about how the US must be right now. Hope you and your loved ones are hanging in there. This will all pass!

  4. Health and wellness certainly is something to prioritize, especially these days during the pandemic. It’s nice that you have a variety of things to do to keep you active. Back in the summer I used to go for walks multiple times during the day. I would even schedule walking meetings so I could take advantage of the nice weather. But now that it’s getting cold, I’m finding it such a struggle to get outside on weekdays.

    1. Walking meetings – how did I not think of this?! I will definitely have to keep this in mind. Yes, I totally agree that it’s harder to find the motivation to get out with the colder and darker days. Hang in there. It’ll be Spring before we know it!

  5. These are great points. I think it is really important to turn off the “noise” of social media and the other luxuries our phones can give us. I keep my phone social media free (really because at any time D has it and is likely to start a live video of me in my not so finest moment) but it does help for me to stay in the moment. I am hopeful that when D goes back my hubby and I can do the same walk – the conversation is so sorely missed, And the weights – oh my gosh are they expensive now! I was looking for a heavier kettlebell and some were selling them at $500 a bell. (!?!?!?!) Your resistance workout looks like a smart way to go. Great ideas overall!

    1. Yah, good point. I had to scale back on social media because it’s become so negative, dark and toxic… and it’ll be especially in the next two weeks!

      It’s gonna be so great when Declan goes back to school and you’ll hopefully have time to enjoy for yourself and with your hubby. Hang in there. You’re so close!

      It is ridiculous what people are changing for weights. We might have to resort to lifting our furniture or children instead!

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