Return to Day Camp!

During yesterday’s day camp pickup, the staff told me that T was talking to them and the kids about Madonna and how he wants our family to move to London to live with her.

Being a big Madge fan, moments like this are like a ray of light and remind me like a prayer that I’m doing borderline ok as a parent.

All jokes aside, the hubby and I are so thankful day camps are open again.

We certainly had anxieties and deeply considered the risks. We know that every family will make a decision – a very hard one – that’s best for them.

For us, it’s ultimately about T’s wellbeing – and ours too, if I can be completely frank – to be in a social and learning environment.

Our belief is certainly reinforced by reputable organizations like Sick Kids’ Hospital and the American Academy of Pediatrics, which both said that a return to school is important for the overall wellbeing and development of kids.

We are only four days into return to day camp and I can say with full sincerity that this is the most normal that I have felt in four months since lockdown began.

Work is still relentless but what a breath of fresh air to be able to have a singular focus – to not be running a call with 25 people and having T have a tantrum in the background or to take a proper break instead of using breaks to homeschool.

We are also blessed that T has a fantastic day camp, the same place he goes to for his after school program during the school year.

We were forthcoming about his prognosis of at-risk FASD and they were able to secure grant funding to have a dedicated one-on-one support to work with him during the school year.

This summer, only four kids have registered in his age group. Most parents are still freaked out about COVID-19. On an entirely selfish note, this works out to T’s benefit, because the four kids have more attention and care from the two fantastic staff members.

Having T start medication for ADHD has also made a difference. I notice that T is more verbally inquisitive and can carry a conversation and thought for a longer time, like about Madonna!

It is too early to tell what the long term effect of medication will be on T when he starts full time senior kindergarten in an integrated classroom. But there is reason to be optimistic and hopeful. There always is.

During today’s pickup, the staff member told me that T told one of the the girls that he was going to kill her when they had a misunderstanding. It’s an ongoing bad habit of his when he gets angry and we are working through it.

But the staff said half an hour later, T asked the same girl if they could play together in the dramatic play area. And they ended up throwing and having a pretend birthday party together.

This is huge for T to ask and to verbalize his thoughts and a request like this. The staff member certainly thought so.

T is a work in progress and will always be one. But this is why I am so thankful day camps are back. Because the best way for him to learn these skills is through direct interaction with other kids.

My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful day camp staff who’ve carefully and thoughtfully adapted their services for these uncertain times.

In the words of the great Madge, it’s almost like we’re on a holiday from the pandemic. And yes, it can be, it can be so nice!

6 thoughts on “Return to Day Camp!

  1. Tell T I want to live with Madonna too! What an uplifting post and it seems like the medication is helping. I am glad T and you two are getting a break from each other. It is always needed with any kids. Nice to feel somewhat normal for a few days I’m sure! Stay safe ❤️

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    1. Thanks Diane. The break from T has made a world of good to be honest, for all of us. The medication seems to be helping, there are some frustrating mood effects but that’s another post. Lol. All in all, it’s been most positive. Stay safe and well too!


  2. Thanks for sharing with us this story . When my son was in Kindergarten , first day of school at dismissal, his teacher handed him to us and said, “ Your son has issues.” It was the longest most traumatic day we had about schooling . After having a teacher meeting one on one, our fears were calmed down when the teacher explained everything and what she will focus on to help our son, after that , “ teachers fav “ for most of his school years. Take care.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this story. It reinforces to me that we are all, including our children, ongoing works in progress. Just cuz issues arise, doesn’t mean we can’t work through them. I suspect and anticipate with T, we will have more than the average share of issues ahead. But all we can do and will do is to work through them. Hope you are hanging in over there!

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  3. Wow, that is wonderful news! I am glad that T got to back to his day camp and that you all found some normalcy in these crazy times. Hopefully, with time, T will recognize the things he is not allowed to say at school. It wasn’t until Declan started with his elementary school that he started to pick up on “the things we NEVER say at school.” Granted, he still let’s the bad feeling words fly at home, but hey, it’s a start! 🙂 Sounds like a good experience so far, and that T’s school year will be well supported, which is awesome! Great news!

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    1. It’s been so wonderful for all of us. 😊 I feel normal and less grouchy and stressed. And it’s been great for T to be around other kids.

      I’ll write a post about it in the future but we’ve been lucky to have amazing resources for T including a behaviour therapist who’s helped so much with strategies like his bad words.

      I hope you are enjoying your summer with the kids. It’s crazy how fast it is all flying! Take good care and enjoy the rest of your week.

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