Homemade Bird Feeders to Help Our Backyard Friends

We’ve reached the point in the pandemic where we’re now coating pine cones in peanut butter.

Jokes aside, these home-made bird feeders were a nifty craft idea suggested by T’s teacher and he worked on it with the hubby last night while I got some personal rest time for myself.

During last night’s walk, we picked up a few pine cones. T coated them with peanut butter and bird seeds. We then hung them on the trees in our backyard.

They now provide additional nice options to our bird feeders.

I like that this activity helps T to think about helping others, in this case, our backyard friends.

And if self isolation extends beyond June, look for an update post where I coat myself in peanut butter and seeds and offer myself up to the birds.

2 thoughts on “Homemade Bird Feeders to Help Our Backyard Friends

  1. There is certainly no shortage of learning happening with T! You guys are doing an amazing job bringing learning to life for him! ❤️

    1. Thanks Ms C. We’ve been enjoying being at home with him. It’s certainly stressful and unpredictable on a daily basis trying to do it all with work and schooling, but the gift of time also comes with so many rewarding moments!

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