Croup Summer

Nothing like a nasty viral infection for poor T to tell us to slow down our summer.

On Thursday, T started to complain of a sore throat.

By Friday, the sore throat was unbearable. We did a COVID test and it was negative. T woke up twice at night, crying his throat was hurting.

By Saturday, his voice was hoarse and he had a bark-like cough. He wanted to go biking, but came back within minutes, because he was out of breath.

By evening, he had a low fever and we did another COVID test. He said it hurt to breathe, and after consulting with the hubby’s mom, a retired nurse, the hubby took T to the ER.

“Fever dream high in the quiet of the night

You know that I caught it”

– Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift

After an X-ray, the doctor said he had croup.

I’ve never heard of this before, but researching it online confirms it is “a very contagious respiratory infection that… causes swelling of your child’s voice box (larynx) and windpipe (trachea), which leads to symptoms including a distinctive barking cough and raspy breathing. Croup is usually mild but symptoms can become severe and life-threatening.”

The doctor assured us T was ok and gave him a steroid to help reduce the swelling of his larynx.

They were in the ER for four hours, because the doctor wanted to monitor if the steroid was working and to rehydrate T so his low blood pressure could get back to normal.

The hubby texted me this photo of T passed out on the waiting area bed and it made me sad.

This kid can drive us batshit crazy, but we love him – and it’s heartbreaking when he’s unwell.

Although, as any parent of a child with FASD may tell you – or quietly admit to themselves – the peace and quiet is a nice unintended side effect! 😆

I stayed home, because one of our good friends came over for dinner, and the hubby kindly gave us alone time to catch up, even though our friend insisted we reschedule.

It’s nice when we get to catch up with friends – something we often don’t get to do as parents.

The night before, the hubby went out for dinner with colleagues, and I know he enjoyed the break from parenting.

The hubby and T got home from the ER after midnight and the hubby had a late dinner while I put T to bed.

It was a rare late night for me – I’m usually in bed by 9 – and we both quickly passed out and slept like a log.

This incident was scary and it taught us as parents that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

T is on the mend. He sounds like his voice has cracked, so I’m amused thinking this is what he’ll sound like as a teen in a few years.

40 thoughts on “Croup Summer

    1. Thanks Faith. He was fine for the trip. I, however, got quite sick with pneumonia. Such is life. I’m slowly on the mend. 🙂

  1. We were in the ER with my grandson with Croup. My kids had Croup and I believe I had it as a kid! Scary as shit to hear that barking cough and struggle for air! Glad T is on the mend !!! Phew!!!!

    1. Thanks Vickie. He’s on the mend. But I’ve been sick for the last few days with pneumonia. 😆 It just never ends. Not been a fun vacation so far!

  2. Ugh! The croup is the worst! They sound like seals barking – and they struggle for air 😞 common in babies and children. Nice working together as parents – it can be so stressful when the children are not well❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Danielle. Barking seal is the perfect description. It sounds awful and scary and thankfully we are past the worst of it I hope. 😊🙏

    1. Thanks Diane. He’s ok now. But he got me sick! 😆 I was in bed for two days and am just slowly on the mend. Kids and their damn germs.

    1. Thank you LaDonna! He’s on the mend now but now I’m sick. 😆 Kids and their damn germs. 🤣 But I’ll live. Hope you and your family are enjoying your summer. It’s just flying by way too fast.

  3. Bless him. Croup is no fun but easily curable. Word to the wise: if he struggles with it again and has a tough time subduing the coughs late at night, two different remedies are to bundle him up real good on a cold night and let him breathe in the fresh air, and to strip him down to unders and sit in the bathroom with the shower on full hot (not in the shower, of course!) and breathe in the steam.
    Both sound a little crazy, especially if this is your first run through. But for those of us whose boys dealt with this like common cold when they were younger, have found both remedies work well. I spend many a night in a steamy restroom sweating it out while our littles found relief to breathe easier… 😉 … and ps. If he gets super hyper or super angry on those steroids, it comes with the territory. Had totally opposite reactions with each kid! 😝 Pray he’s all better by morning!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. It certainly was no fun but he’s thankfully on the mend. Although now I’m sick and I suspect I got it from him! Joys of parenting.

      I appreciate your tip about the bedtime remedies and the bathroom shower/steam. We tried the latter to great effect and good to know about the former for next time. 😊🙏

  4. Sorry to hear that T got croup. It does not sound fun, even if the symptoms are mild. Good call on recognizing that something wasn’t right and taking him to the ER to get it checked out. Hopefully he’ll make a full recovery before your trip out east.

    1. Thanks Linda. He’s on the mend and we’re hopeful we’ll be fine for this weekend or it’ll be a hellish 16-hour drive! 😆

    1. Thank you! He’s on the mend. 🙂 Stayed home from camp yesterday and it was a needed rest and recovery.

  5. Awww, poor T! I have never heard of croup either, but I’m glad T is recovering — very soon, I hope, so he can enjoy the rest of the summer. In the meantime, it was nice that your husband took care of T so that you could host your friends.

    1. Thank you Bama. 🙂 He’s on the mend. Stayed home from camp yesterday and it provided needed time to rest. Looking like he can go back today. We shall see.

      Hope you’re having a good summer as well!

      1. Summer in my part of the world means less rain and slightly cooler temperatures, and when I said cooler I meant 26-27 Celsius. 😄

  6. I hadn’t heard of croup either until moving to Michigan for the 2nd time as a young mother. I’m praying for T’s speedy recovery and although he was curled up in the photo, I can see how tall he’s gotten. Wow!

    1. Thanks Tammy. It is scary isn’t it?!

      And yes, I agree with you that has really gotten quite tall. He is three inches shy of being able to go on all the roller coasters at the local theme park. Hopefully next summer!

  7. Oh that’s terrible! I’m so sorry that put a crimp in your summer fun. I love that you both managed to take a parenting break even amidst the unfortunate sickness Scary – and perspective-giving Hope the recovery is quick! <3

    1. Thanks Wynne. The break ended up being an unexpected blessing for all of us. Just two fairly lazy days in bed, reading, some cooking. And I think T is on the mend now hopefully. 😊🙏 Hope you and the kids have a good week ahead too. Summer is just flying by!

  8. I’ve heard of croup too. I think my son had it, possibly a bit younger. I think he was eight months or so, but yes it caused us the same worry. In the end, it wasn’t all that big of deal, but definitely scary when you’re going through it. I can relate too to the mixed feeling of “batshit crazy” and overwhelming love. Hang in there. Enjoy the down time whenever it comes. You both need your sanity and the quiet times when you get them!!!!

    1. Thanks Brian. It is indeed scary but you’re right, now that I learned more about it, it is mostly pretty mild. He is on the mend now and hopefully back go 100% soon. Today will definitely not be a quiet day with him staying home while the two of us try to get our work done. 😆 Have a great week ahead!

    1. Thanks Margie! He’s on the mend and will be staying home from camp today. All cheekiness are always welcomed. 😊

  9. So Croupe is common with youngsters here in the US. In the winter months it is common. What helps a ton to loosen that cough and help breathing is go into the bathroom and put on hot water and close the door and windows to make it steamy. Or take the kiddo outside if its really cold out. Crazy, but it is a great temporary relief. Hope he feels better soon and you all get some rest!

    1. Thanks Rebecca. I read up more about it and it indeed is common. The breathing part was a bit scary to me and I’m glad he’s on the mend now.

      Thanks for sharing the bathroom steam tip. I forgot to add to my post that on Saturday, the hubby did run a steam bath for him, with a vapor serum and spa music too. Haha. It’s a good tip.

      He’s on the mend now and will be staying home from camp today. Take care,

  10. So glad he’s doing better Ab! I have known about croup since having my own kids, but not that it was so contagious. The barking cough is a sure sign. Take care 🙂

    1. Thanks Deb. He undoubtedly caught it from one of the kids at summer camp. Oh well. He’ll be staying home today. Still not 100% but hopefully will be soon. 😊🙏 Take care too.

  11. I had croup often as a young child. One thing my mother did for me that helped comfort me was run a hot shower until the bathroom filled with steam. Breathing in that steam would relieve the worst of it.

    I hope T feels better soon.

    1. Thank you, E. It’s nice to hear from you and hope you’re having a nice summer.

      Thanks for sharing the tip about the shower. I forgot to add that the hubby did run a steam shower as you noted and also used this vapor serum that seemed to soothe him and do the trick as you noted. He also put on spa music for T. Haha. It’s a good tip indeed!

      He’s on the mend now. Not 100% but hopefully soon!

  12. The poor thing! I’d never heard of croup, but it sounds miserable. Praying for a quick and full recovery for T. 🙏 Hopefully he’s out riding his bike and having fun in no time!

    1. Thanks Erin. It’s definitely an interesting and scary one to learn about too. He’s on the mend now but not 100% to ride his bike. Will be staying home today from camp. Hopefully soon. 🙏

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