Touchscreen Generation

Nothing ages you like teaching your Generation Alpha son how to use a computer mouse.

Our 6-year-old T was born into a world that already had Instagram, wifi, and iPhones.

I remember being once amused when he was three years old and trying to use the TV by touching the screen instead of using the remote.

He figured out how to use a tablet quicker than potty training. He makes his way around Mario Odyssey but does not show that same confidence with reading.

So imagine my amusement when T’s teacher suggested we pick up a school computer for him, while he’s virtual learning.

I am very thankful he got access to one because the pandemic has highlighted that not everyone has equitable access to technology.

The homework assignments are presented on Google Slides, so T needs to use both the mouse and keyboard to complete them.

While T is savvy with our touchscreen tablet, he is not experienced with a mouse. In a way, it’s like asking someone who streams their music to now use a Walkman.

Activity Credit: Life Over Cs.

Today, we worked together on a simple science assignment about Living vs Non-Living Things.

Conceptually, T was able to verbally answer the questions in a flash.

The frustration came when I tried to patiently teach him how to use the mouse to drag the Xs and check marks to answer the questions.

T is often impatient, easily distracted and easily frustrated, so I took a deep breath.

I first started with the hand-over-hand technique, thinking back to the days he learned how to stack blocks, use a spoon and use a zipper.

T got frustrated after I told him to try it on his own.

“Do it for me!” He screamed. Then got off his chair and stormed into his room when I refused.

I reminded him he was not going to get his reward – ice cream – until he finished. I told him I’d wait for when he was ready to continue.

While I tried to be calm, I was feeling frustrated. I could see myself moving from the Living to the Non-Living category by the end of this task.

I saw my obituary clearly in my mind: “40 year old man dead after his brain exploded from teaching son how to use ancient technology.”

But T eventually came and sat back down; he really wanted that ice cream.

He tried again and this time he got it! He successfully clicked on a check mark and dragged it to the correct answer.

I cheered loudly and T cheered loudly and the hubby, who was working across the table from us, cheered loudly. Then I gave T a big hug.

With T, you have to be over-the-top with positive reinforcement to build his confidence.

I looked at the assignment. 17 more questions to go. Fuck my life!

But T was quicker with using the mouse with each question and he soon completed the assignment and earned his ice cream!

Activity Credit: Life Over Cs.

21 thoughts on “Touchscreen Generation

  1. This is soo cute and funny. It makes me think of all the times I have had to guide my parents on using modern tech. Although I’m still young, I wonder what sort of technology I’ll have to learn about when I’m in my 60’s. A great post to end the week!

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    1. Thank you! 😊 Guiding parents on tech is a whole other set of hilarity. I look forward to the day when I can be the parent calling my little one for tech help. Take care and thanks for visiting. 😊


  2. OMG, you are so right. Touchscreen TV , would be cool though. I sometimes try what T did at Costco TV’s hoping a technology was already made that I don’t know of. Imagine those phones as big as walkie talkies before? Our kids world are so different and to be part of it, no matter how slow I am is a blessing, and fun. Happy Tuesday my friend. Just chillin in my car on a lunch break.

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    1. I can only imagine the amazing things that will come in our children’s lifetime as they age into adulthood. I remember when the Internet first came around and how groundbreaking that was. I look forward to the day when I’ll be bugging my son for tech help and not the other way around.

      Happy Tuesday to you too. Another day closer to the weekend! 🙂

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  3. SO FUNNY! Sorry ! I get the frustration but your writing made me LOL. I tried to teach my 5-year-old grandson how to use the mouse and it became so frustrating that we went back to the touchscreen iPad! But this is when I was doing NANA Preschool during the beginning of COVID – it wasn’t required learning or I would have lost my mind, too!

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  4. Ice cream is a great motivator, heck even the online assignment knows that!! I am terrible with touch screen and actually prefer the ancient technology like a mouse. Hopefully remote learning is smoother this week and that you have lots of ice cream in your freezer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Linda. I’ve basically given up on healthy eating until virtual learning ends. 😆 The hubby and I made “social punch” to reward ourselves this weekend. We may have doubled or tripled the alcohol in the recipe. 😆 Good luck with the rest of your week too!

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    1. I am not above bribing my child to get what I want! ☺️😆 Hope your week of virtual learning is going ok. Thankfully Friday is a day off school so I can actually just focus on work only!


  5. Hilarious! And nothing adds to the stress of remote schooling more than doing tech support for your child! I don’t think any of us feel kindly when our technology works – but we are willing to take it out on our loved ones when they offer to help! 🙂

    I laughed at your obituary and cheered at the end!! Big congratulations to you all!!

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