A Change of Scenery

“You’d think we were going to Disneyland,” I thought after T got super excited when I told him we were visiting a different park last Sunday.

Like everyone, we’re all feeling so restless about these “Which window am I going to look out of today?” days.

So a change of scenery, even if it was just a few steps further down the street was so welcomed.

There was a giant hill that T enjoyed running up and down over and over again.

We stood at the top and enjoyed the setting sun. It was such a nice relaxing end to our weekend.

This Saturday, we ventured out even further and spent a nice afternoon out in nature and sunshine at Darlington Provincial Park.

We could almost feel Spring in the air.

The park was only a 30 minute drive from home but felt like a nice escape from the City.

We enjoyed standing at the windy beach and listening to the calming sound of waves.

T did what T loved to do most; pick up rocks and throw them into the water.

He got lost in the moment at one point and stepped too close into the water. A wave splashed icy cold water into his rain boots. Oops.

We then did a short hike in a trail, which took us to an empty amphitheater.

T played around at the fire pit, pretending to build a fire, while I walked up and down the wooden benches, lost in the moment of the loud waves nearby.

As the sun set, we headed home, stopping by McDonald’s to pick up a Happy Meal for T – while the hubby and I had shawarma takeout.

Today was a very relaxing day and our family really needed this after the last two months.

It made me even more excited for more outdoor fun this summer!

18 thoughts on “A Change of Scenery

    1. Oh, how nice that I can share something with you for a change. 😊 Shawarma is a middle eastern dish that consists of thinly sliced meat (we got the chicken but long ago, it started with lamb meat) that’s slowly roasted on a vertical rotisserie. Usually served with rice, salad and a yummy sweet garlic Mayo sauce.

      If your grandkids enjoyed the Marvel Avengers movie, at the end of the first movie, there’s a gag scene where the heroes all enjoy a shawarma meal after saving the world.

      More info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shawarma

      1. My grandson lives for the Marvel Avengers! My husband likes them too but don’t tell him I told you! Now off to check it out. Thanks for the link!

  1. It’s always great to get a change of scenery and enjoy the nature and sunshine. While I’ll probably never go camping at Darlington (it’s so close to the highway!), it’s a nice park to visit for a couple of hours. It’s very convenient how it’s so close to Toronto. I’d love to come back in the spring when the piping plovers start to nest.

    1. Thank you, L! I agree, it’s a nice getaway from the city but I could also not camp there. I like something a bit more woodsy and remote. But definitely worth another visit in warmer days. I’m looking forward to a day trip to Presquile this summer!

      1. Presqu’ile is on my list of parks to visit this year and collect their park crest. We’re thinking of maybe going over the Easter long weekend, but a lot of that depends on the weather of course.

  2. I’m desperate for a change of scenery myself. Life feels like one endless loop at the moment. Glad you had a wonderful time with your family Ab 🙏

    1. Yes the Groundhog Day effect has been very challenging. Hopefully the summer and progress with vaccinations bring an opportunity to get out there and around more safely for all of us.🤞🏻

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