Reading Award

A thoughtful gesture of recognition brought a wonderful moment of confidence for our T.

In addition to his handwriting skills, Team T at school and at home are working hard with him on reading.

Reading with T, especially at bedtime, has been a favourite activity since he was a toddler.

So many wonderful stories read over the years and snuggling together at night while reading with him is one of my favourite parts of my day.

T recently turned 6 and we’re aware that at this age and as he heads into Grade 1 next year, reading is a skill he will need to ramp up.

I sometimes feel that because his JK and SK years have been so disrupted with pandemic virtual schooling, he may be a bit behind with reading.

But there have been many great strategies and tools introduced by his school.

During virtual learning, they provided us with free access to a fantastic online resource called RazKids.

We continue to practice with it on the weekends even though he’s back in school now.

Using this online resource, T can have a story read out loud to him and then he can record himself reading the stories.

Now that he’s back in school, his teacher and Child Youth Worker send home a simple book to practice with him at night. He recently moved up to Level B books – hooray!

His teacher assigns very simple books – much more simple than the books I read to him at night. Books with simple repetition and simple sight words – such as the one pictured below.

I notice with T, he often reads by rote and takes a lot of cues from the pictures. So in one sense, he’s accurately describing the picture but not exactly reading it word for word.

And I know that’s ok, because this is part of the process of learning to read.

And it’s also ok he doesn’t know a lot of sight words yet, as it’s also part of the journey. Although his Child Youth Worker let us know this week he’s making incremental progress.

So I remind myself to be patient, because there was one point when T didn’t know how to talk either and now he’s a chatty little guy.

Recently, there was a special extra item included with his daily book sent home by his teacher: a Reading Award, pictured at the top, that recognized him for Outstanding Reading Ability.

I realize this is more like a “participation award” but the hubby and I were nonetheless delighted.

We excitedly showed T and we read the message on the award word by word, with proud smiles, and told him how awesome he’s been at working hard on his reading.

I wish I could’ve taken a picture of T’s face but then I would’ve have been able to just simply enjoy the moment like I did. How his face slowly relaxed into a proud beaming smile.

It was a short lived but genuinely pure and proud look on his face, and an image and a feeling that I have tattooed into my mind.

15 thoughts on “Reading Award

  1. I am so glad T is proud. The awards are so important to them. This brings back so many memories from last year. We were hoping they would keep our grandson in kindergarten another year but they said they don’t ever hold kindergartners back, he is 6 also. Now we wait for the decision of being held back in first grade. It sounds like T has made a lot of progress. How wonderful he has so many people supporting him!


      1. Did you mean where he can read things to you too? (I think there’s a typo.) That would be very sweet, for sure 🙂

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    1. Thank you, L! 😊 The confidence boost definitely helps for kids like T… and to be honest, for the parents too.

      PS. If the good weather persists, hoping to check out Darlington this weekend!

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  2. Yay, T!!! That is an awesome award – congratulations to T and to you!! The hard work is showing. His smile that recognized his achievement sounds like it was amazing 🙂 Yay!

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