F*ck Carrots!

So our kindergartener is done with carrots and said as much during lunch at school!

T had a great first week back at school and we hope the momentum continues.

But on his first day back, we got a note in his daily log that he dropped the F-bomb after he opened his lunch and got frustrated we packed carrots after he said he didn’t want them anymore.

His child and youth worker heard the incident and put him in timeout for five minutes.

The hubby’s eyes widened when he read the log and told me about it as I chopped vegetables.

“He must really not like carrots,” I said and wondered if I should pack a bar of soap with his lunch the next day.

The F-word was the bane of our existence last year. He picked it up from a kid in his class and although he didn’t know what it meant, he knew it got a reaction out of people when he said it.

Our behaviour therapist advised the best response is planned ignoring. Thankfully, we haven’t heard the word again since last Spring nor have we heard it again this week!

To be safe, it was cool cucumbers for lunch for the rest of the week!

And I’ll probably wait a bit before I introduce Brussel sprouts. Who knows what kind of a verbal reaction that’ll get out of him!

Our T is a very picky eater.

I miss the days when he’d eat something like this!

I know it’s not uncommon for kids to be picky eaters, special needs or not.

In T’s case – and for other kids with similar prognosis – I wonder if it is a taste, smell, and/or texture issue. I’m not sure!

I miss the early toddler days when we could just shove anything in his mouth.

These days, all he will eat is toast. He’ll gladly eat plain toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes, he’ll tolerate butter and if he’s adventurous, he’ll have jam. No peanut butter or deli meat though!

He’ll eat instant noodle ramen without the broth or spaghetti without sauce.

Don’t even try meat. There was a time when I could pulverize ground beef into pasta sauce until it’s unnoticeable, but those days are behind us.

There was a time when he loved to eat cheese and yogurt and that’s where he got his main source of protein. Thankfully, he still drinks milk.

He loves fruit – all kinds of fruits, so he gets his main source of vitamins from fruit as well as his daily multivitamin supplement.

The only vegetables he’ll eat are carrots (not anymore), cucumber and corn on the cob.

So the hubby and I resort to giving him a bottle of Pediasure – or vanilla milk as T calls it – once after breakfast and once after dinner, so he gets the key nutrients each day. Boy, do we ever feel judged when we tell people about this!

T has very slowly become a bit more willing to try meat. He went through a recent phase of wanting protein-rich eggs every day, but he’s over them.

He loves his McDonald’s nuggets and chicken tacos from Taco Bell. We try not to do fast food too much but we also recognize it means he’ll eat “meat” and something other than toast.

As the hubby points out, there’s lettuce and tomato in a taco. So there you go – judge away!

I long for the day when T can have an adventurous love of food like the hubby and I.

It’ll be fun to share our love of food with T one day – not to mention, it’ll be nice to not have to prepare two different meals!

The hubby and I like to explore all kinds of cuisine and we are lucky to live in a part of the city that is very diverse in cuisine and the prices are cheap compared to the downtown core.

During the current lockdown, we look forward to every Saturday night being a night to get takeout and try a different restaurant.

It’s a nice break from having to cook and to eat our own cooking.

It’s also a nice way to support local businesses during these challenging times.

Some highlights from the last few weeks included Caribbean…

Jerk chicken with fried plantains. Don’t tell T about that f*cking carrot!

… Indian…

Butter chicken roti.

… And last night, we tried Malaysian.

Curry Laksa.

I’ve also been cooking a lot to pass the time and as a wellbeing and therapeutic exercise.

I recently made a Hong Kong style Tomato Beef on the Instant Pot that was a hit with the hubby.

Every time we have these meals, we always ask T if he’d like to try some.

He’d always respond right away with “No thanks!”

I’ll take that over an F-bomb any day!

22 thoughts on “F*ck Carrots!

  1. Oh how this brings back so many memories with the food. My daughter is 29 and told me she was finally liking food she hated as a kid. My granddaughter lives for Ramen Noodles, Hot Cheetos and Velveeta Mac and Cheese cups. I let her eat one of these (every day) for lunch but she has to eat what I make for dinner. If I know she doesn’t like it I give her a small amount and she does eat it and later makes one of her favorites. Hang in there it doesn’t get better for about 10 years…lol

    1. Yes, I remember seeing your Hot Cheetos post! I’ll have to try that with T. There’s cheese in it right and cheese is protein right? 🤣

      I hope your daughter is doing well during these challenging times and that there’s some relief or rest in sight for her.

  2. I couldn’t help but laugh at T’s reaction, even though it was terrible. Oh dear. I was not very adventurous with food while growing up and I never enjoyed trying new things. I’m glad that was just a phase, hopefully it will be for T too. I like that you guys experiment with takeout every Saturday night and try a different restaurant. That’s such a neat idea.

    1. Thanks L! Yes, we have to find humour in these trying moments. 🤣

      I can imagine you and K being adventurous with camping food. I can only imagine the yummy things roasting under the fire!

      I’m not sure which part of the city you’re at but Scarborough really does have such great food. On your way from one of your day trips or weekend outings in the East end, I encourage an exploration. And the prices are very cheap compared to the rest of the city!

      1. Ha, we’ve definitely made our fair share of meals over the campfire this past year. It was fun experimenting what worked (and didn’t work) well heating up over the fire. Good to know that the prices in Scarborough are cheaper!

  3. It sounds like your T keeps everyone on their toes💗. The pediasure sounds like a great support during these trying times. As, always I love the understanding, patience, and love you so clearly have for him.

    1. Thank you, LaDonna! Yes, every day is full of surprises with T. We just have to roll and try to laugh along with them. Some days – like these effing carrots – are better than others! 😊

  4. I’m sorry I laughed at: “He must really not like carrots,” I said and wondered if I should pack a bar of soap with his lunch the next day.” That cracked me up 🙂

    That would be tough to deal with. Thankfully, I do not have any cursers. I scold when I hear “frick” because I know what they REALLY want to say, but thankfully, no one has gone down that path yet – at least not said to me.

    Picky eating is tough. I am adventurous but never get to try anything new as I married a picky eater and then had three more. Bob shares the same hate for carrots – well ALL vegetables, really. Last week I made him grilled cheese with bacon and canned chicken noodle soup for dinner. He was excited until he saw there were carrot bits in his soup – AND HE COULDN’T EVEN EAT AROUND THEM. He just made the “ewwwie” face and pushed the bowl away. I couldn’t pass the soup to someone else either as everyone eats something different as their acceptable foods are all different. Ugh!

    Here’s hoping the F word stays away and more food options present themselves in the days (and years 🙂 ) to come!

    1. Thanks Robyn. We try to have a sense of humour about it even though it’s so headshaking sometimes! 😊 Kids are such sponges and pick up everything from each other!

      I’m sorry about the chicken noodle soup incident. That really sucks. I can’t imagine dealing with 4 picky eaters much less one! Hopefully you got to enjoy the soup yourself!

      Enjoy your upcoming week. A big snowstorm in our area to start the week. Ugh.

  5. Yeah, I’m totally with him. F&%$ carrots! x-) It would have been very hard for me not to laugh if I heard a little kid say that 😄 But ramen noodles without broth?? That just breaks my heart… Honestly I don’t envy parents that have picky eaters. It sounds like you’re working around the issue quite gracefully, though 🙂 You’re doing a great job, I hope you know that.

    “resort to giving him a bottle of Pediasure – or vanilla milk as T calls it – once after breakfast and once after dinner, so he gets the key nutrients each day.” I wonder if that would work on my husband? 🤔

    Very nice photos 🙂 I hope you and yours have a wonderful week!

    1. His child and youth worker was pretty shocked but she handled it like a pro. Nipped it in the bud at that moment thankfully!

      I end up drinking the ramen broth for him. In this case, I don’t mind because he is still a small kid and I know the ramen broth is high in salt – which is why is tastes so good!

      And thanks for the reassuring words. We don’t let it bother us as much now but it is annoying to deal with a picky eater. 🤣

      Pediasure is essentially a protein shake for babies and toddlers. So an adult equivalent is one of those protein shakes.

      Thanks. The food photos get us through the week. Can’t wait for Saturday again.

      Enjoy your upcoming week!!!

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