Sharing A Little Love, Hope and Cheer on Our Windows

We started drawing art on our windows to share cheer and positive energy with our neighbours.

We used washable markers that we ordered from Amazon and got the idea from a neighbour down the street.

Our time and energy is admittedly all focused on T and our work, so we don’t get to focus more outwardly. So we want to do something, even if it’s more on the symbolic side, to pay it forward.

We drew the outline of the shapes and got T to help fill in some of the colour. He got bored pretty quickly after one shape, but hung around to watch us finish.

It’s very important for us to convey to T just how lucky we are to be healthy and safe.

I asked him why we wanted to draw these pictures and what we want our neighbours to feel when they see the art.

And he said, “So they can feel happy.”

Okay, so the sun I drew looks like a giant coronavirus and not quite what I had in mind. Sigh. The rainbow and heart turned out better!

We’ll keep adding to our mural over the coming week. Gotta pace ourselves before we run out of things to do with T!

Oh and here’s a chuckle. T wanted to draw Santa. I told him no, because I didn’t want him to jinx how long we have to stay inside!

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