I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Our little guy got his hair done and he’s blue like Sonic the Hedgehog.

T had been talking recently about wanting to colour his hair.

After swim lessons last Saturday – where he did his first two consecutive laps for the first time! – we visited the barber.

T sat patiently for his turn and it was cute watching him sit calmly on the barber chair like a big boy.

This was only the third time T got his hair professionally cut. The first of which was two days after he moved in back in 2016 – which a bumpy experience (see below).

I wish I could get my hair cut sitting in a race car too.

Other than one other visit to the barber, the hubby had been cutting his hair the last 6 years, and has done a great job, while saving money too!

T had never shown interest in styling his hair, until recently. Last weekend, he wet his hair then styled it with his hands. It was a sign he was growing up.

It reminded me of when I was just a bit older than he is now, when Pa used to take me to the barber.

One time, we went to Chinatown and I asked for a mushroom cut, because that was all the rage in Grade 5.

Getting a haircut, in a way, is a bonding moment between father and son – and it was not lost on me that I was now in the father’s shoes.

While I stayed with T, the hubby went to get hair dye at the pharmacy next door, which he applied that evening at home.

We picked the colour blue because Sonic the Hedgehog is one of his favourite characters. He often races around the house and outside, like he’s the video game hero.

It started off well, until the dye started dripping down T’s face and, well, turned it a bit blue.

T freaked out and said he looked embarrassing and I wish I had a recording, because it was comedy.

But thankfully, the hubby rubbed it off with baking soda.

And you know what, T looked amazing!

The next morning, he even let us put gel on and he said many kids at school commented on his hair.

By Tuesday, he was back to not caring to style his hair. And that’s ok. We’ll hang onto our carefree 7 year old for a wee bit longer, thank you very much.

27 thoughts on “I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)

  1. Aw I love his blue hair! It looks great! And I’m glad you made it a bonding moment! I know most parents would not be so keen on it. As long as you aren’t bleaching his hair there are safe semi-permanent dye options especially in funky colors like Manic Panic (you can buy at Hot Topic) and Overtone (I think you have to buy online). Or you can use food dye. Just keep in mind these semi-permanent dyes wash out so there can be danger to your towels! Although I have always managed to wash it out of my towels (just don’t dry until stain is removed). And here I have been using nail polish remover to get my funky hair dyes off my skin… Next time I will have to opt for your baking soda trick.

    1. Thanks Caitlyn. Good to know the different options available and I agree about the not bleaching part. Good thing his hair is light. The towels for sure can be challenging. Thankfully we didn’t encounter that. Whew. 😆 And yes, the baking soda thing was a good tip!

  2. I took my son to bleach his hair when he was in middle school. My husband took one look at it and insisted that we go back and fix it – Alex looked like the Joker from Batman – it was BAD – we still laugh about this…. great story AB…

    1. Too funny, Vickie. Probably not the look you and your son were going for but makes for a great story all these years later!

  3. I love how you and the hubby went all out and supported T’s interest in styling his hair and dying it blue. Glad to hear that the dye came off his face easily. Although, that could be a good scare tactic in the event he wants to keep dying it!

    1. Haha. Yes, he was quite mortified and in a tizzy about his blue face. 😂 We’ll know for next time. In all seriousness, probably gonna wait until he’s 16 and older before we let him do this again!

  4. I remember when my daughter wanted to dye hers pink and I … well, suffice it to say I did not handle it quite as well as you and the hubby handled T’s request! 🤣🤣 A word of warning … next up are the tattoos and piercings! I used to call my daughter the walking pincushion! Now she’s 50+ years old and we can laugh about it all! I love T’s hair and love the way you guys handled it!

    1. Too funny, Jill. This is probably the first and last time until he’s a teen that we let him do this, as hair dye is probably not good for kids so young. And I hear you on the piercings. I went through a phase in my early 20s when I got piercings – on my tongue, belly button, eye brow, ears. Haha. They’re all gone now though. Never the tattoos although I’m thinking of getting one around my birthday! 😂

      1. Well, as re the hair dye not being healthy for him, Chris used to dye hers with Kool Aid! Just a thought! Oh my … Chris had the same … nose, eyebrow, lip, tongue, and one unmentionable place! Hers are gone, too … when she had her own daughter in 1994, she said it was time to get rid of them. She does still have the two tattoos, though … the names of her ‘best friend’ and ‘boyfriend’ at the time. Now, neither of them are even friends, yet she has their names on her ankles. So, what tattoo might you be thinking of getting on your birthday? You know you’ll have to post pictures … it’s only fair! 😊

      2. Kool Aid is a great idea!!!

        Funnily enough, I want to get my hubby and T’s initials tattooed on me. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with them than Chris with her friends. 😂🙏

      3. I think that is a wonderful idea for a tattoo!!! And I’m betting that you will definitely have better luck with longevity of these two than Chris had with her teenage relationships! You guys are family … for life. Have you ever seen the movie “Lilo and Stitch”? A line from that is “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” I’ve always loved that line!

  5. I love Sonic the Hedgehog and I love T’s new hair! When kids start to style their hair with their hands, that’s when you know they start to see themselves attractive (or they’re trying to attract someone’s attention at school!). Before you know it, T will be a teenager! 😆

    1. Thanks Bama. That day definitely stood out to me as to why he was suddenly interested in styling his hair. As you and I are well aware, probably a social motivation behind it. But thankfully, he’s back to not caring. Let’s hope it stays this way for a few more years. 😆

  6. I love this! And not only because I learned that baking soda can help when we dye skin…. The blue is a great color

    So fun that he was interested in style and color – and I’m with you, it’s nice to have them drop that interest and just go back to being kids for a little while longer…

    And the picture of his first haircut. Priceless, heartbreaking and precious! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks Wynne. Just be prepared for some reddish face marks after the baking soda. But it disappears in an hour or so. 😊 And yes, let’s enjoy their innocence and childhood while we can!

  7. Love this story! He looks so grown up! My oldest wanted.blue hair, but he has such dark hair it looks black lol. Thanks for the baking soda tip! I will remember that! Have a great weekend!

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