On a Night Like This

When the unicorn of a night out without T presents itself, I grab it by the horn and go for a ride.

Going into parenthood 6 years ago, I knew weekend night outs by myself would be rare.

When we do go out, it’s usually with friends; company that we enjoy.

Parenting a child with FASD/ADHD is exhausting – physically, mentally and emotionally – and I’m a proponent of self care and alone time.

A few weeks ago, a grade school friend visited from the UK and our friends got together for dinner.

We enjoyed yummy sushi and it was wonderful having adult conversation and not having to look to my side to see what T was up to.

Afterwards, we stopped by a bakery in our old neighbourhood to browse the decadent treats.

As thanks for giving me a few hours to myself, I got the hubby his favourite strawberry slush bubble tea as takeout.

I parted way with my friends at 9:30. As I drove home, I blasted Kylie’s “On A Night Like This,” which still sounds like pop heaven 22 years later, and amused myself with the thought of how much life has changed with T.

In our 20s, the hubby and I would just be getting ready to go out at 9:30 for a night of dancing and drinking with friends.

Now, 9:30 is past my bedtime and when I start turning into a pumpkin.

A fun night on the weekend now is about time spent with the hubby and T, or eating with friends, or sitting around a campfire in summertime.

Life is centered around T now. For better and for worse, I feel thankful for this.

I made it home just in time to help tuck T into bed. It was a good reminder that absence, even for a few hours, does make the heart grow fonder.

“On a night like this,

I wanna stay forever.”

– Kylie Minogue

17 thoughts on “On a Night Like This

  1. It’s crazy to think how much different our lives were 10-20 years ago, isn’t it? Like you, I used to be able to go out all night long. But now? 10 is time for bed. If I stay up too late, the next day I can’t function properly. It’s great that you’re still able to schedule meet-ups like this because sometimes we do need a change of pace, of scene, however briefly. Hope you’ll have a relaxing weekend, Ab!

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    1. Just wait until you start having dinner at 4:30 like a senior citizen does. 😆 I guess it’s what makes life fun, to experience it from different perspectives and stages in life.

      Have a wonderful weekend too. A few more hours to go for us over here. Take care!

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    1. Time really does fly. I still can’t believe it on some days. It’s a particularly challenging and chaotic part in my life right now, but as you noted, trying to make the best of it and enjoying the self care times whenever possible. 😀 Hope you have a nice weekend ahead!

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  2. I’m amazed that you’ve kept in touch with your friend from grade school, especially since they are in the UK!! How thoughtful of you to pick up some dessert for the hubby. It is funny to think how much different our lives were then compared to now. I’m not sure I could handle going out past 9:30pm anymore either!

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    1. Thanks Linda. I’m pretty lucky to have good friends still from grade school. We’ve all gone different paths and some in different parts of the world but still find ways to keep in touch. 😊 And yes, 9:30 is lights off for me too!

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  3. Self care is so important! So glad you make time for this! Ahh I remember the days of getting ready to go out at 10 pm, and pregaming. Now by that time I am in Jammie about to snuggle my 10 year old. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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    1. Thank you Rebecca. I feel the same way as you. There are many challenging moments during each day with T but I wouldn’t give the bedtime reading and talks up for anything.


  4. I’m happy you had some time for yourself & a sweet gesture bringing the hubby back his favorite treat. I’m going to have to look up that song now though, lol. I may know it & simply can’t recall it at the moment, haha.

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    1. Thank you, Tammy.

      Kylie is only know for two songs in the US: “Locomotion” and “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” But she’s huge overseas and her catalogue is wonderfully poppy. 🙂

      We can all use a night out to ourselves from time to time. Hope you get one again soon too!


    1. Thanks Wynne. I do a lot of singing and dancing in the car. It gets embarrassing when I’m at a red light and don’t think there’s someone on the sidewalk watching. 😆

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