Ignite the Night and Let It Shine

We started T’s summer with fireworks.

On Canada Day last Friday – T’s first day of summer break – we headed off early morning to Tobermory for our first camping trip since 2018.

Once we got past city traffic and into the country, the scenery was beautiful, including plentiful fields of golden yellow canola.

I love that T can now spend long drives looking out the window and enjoying the scenery.

We really lucked out with weather. Our drives there and back were rainy but our three days in Tobermory were sunny, warm and breezy.

This was our home for three nights.

T’s feet used to dangle in the air when he sat on the green chair gifted by a friend.

Our meals were simple and delicious. A fire roasted hotdog tastes so good.

T roasted marshmallows, while we kept a close eye on him. His impulsivity and hyperactivity make me nervous when he’s near an open fire.

T mostly sat well, although there were a few tantrums when we reminded him to stop poking a stick in a fire and light up things outside the pit.

Bathing in nature’s green was healing.

Tobermory had been on my wishlist for years and I am thankful we made it out. Our good friend, T’s “Auntie E” helped organize and joined us.

The scenery and the nearby national parks were breathtaking – more of them in future posts.

On our first night, we drove to nearby downtown Tobermory – alive with summer tourism.

We hung out at the marina and had Mexican for dinner. We were really roughing it!

We experienced a first: T ate an entire hamburger! We could not believe it!

We made more beef burgers for him that weekend at the campsite and it was not a fluke! A big win!

After dinner, we claimed a bench by the water and waited two hours for Canada Day fireworks.

It was very chilly and some whining here and there from T, but we made it.

There was still daylight – golden orange – at 10 pm.

At that moment, I longed for these long summer days to last forever.

The fireworks started shortly after 10.

I had worried the loud noises would bother or disregulate T but he got lost in excitement.

He paced and bounced about excitedly. He looked up at the exploding colours in the sky and rolled his hands in the air – most likely a stim.

The show was done in a few minutes. T shouted excitedly that the fireworks were so awesome.

We got back to our campsite and rolled into bed close to midnight.

It was pitch black and the sound of the leafy branches rustling in the moderate breeze quickly lulled us to sleep.

29 thoughts on “Ignite the Night and Let It Shine

  1. I think it’s time for a new chair for T. 😂 What a beautiful campsite but Mexican, you definitely didn’t rough it. Lol What great pictures of the fireworks.

    1. Yes, might be time for a new chair. 😊 Time really does fly. The fireworks were amazing and worth bracing the cold for. Thanks Diane!

  2. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time camping in Tobermory and that the weather was fantastic. And yay for adding something new to T’s diet! Your pictures are lovely, especially of the sky as the sun is setting. Isn’t it amazing how much daylight we get in the summer? It sounds like it was worth the wait to watch the fireworks.

    1. Thank you Linda. It was beautiful. We also did FlowerPot Island and the Grotto and they were so beautiful. We will definitely be back again one day.

      You weren’t kidding about the cold. We nearly froze to death waiting for fireworks in our shorts!

      1. Flowerpot Island is gorgeous. I’ve only been once, but would love to return as well. There’s even a few campsites there. It’s probably a bit of a headache to ferry all your stuff there and back, but it seems like it would be a neat experience. It’s crazy how cold it can get at night out of the city when the sun goes down. Hopefully it was worth the wait for the display of fireworks.

      2. We saw a few people lug their camping gear on the ferry off the island. And yes, seems like a ton of work. If I was younger, and without kids, I’d be up for the experience. But definitely past that stage.

        Fireworks were amazing!

  3. Reading about your trip, about the success of T eating an entire beef burger … made me smile 😊 I am so glad you all had a good time with no major issues, and I hope you get to do it a few more times this summer! Hugs to all of you!

    1. Thank you Jill! It was an amazing weekend and a great way to start our summer. 🙂 We have some more great fun stuff ahead. And can’t wait while also wanting to savor every minute and moment of summer.

    1. It really was bliss. And the national parks and Flowerpot Island were stunning. More on them in future posts. 🙂

      T is such a picky eater, a common trait for kids with his specific disability. Mainly s carb and fruit kind of guy and the only meats he’ll eat so far as McDonalds nuggets and more recently hotdogs. For him to eat a beef burger is huge! He’s healthy but very skinny. So hoping this is the start of more protein rich diets other than cheese, milk and yogurt. 🙂

    1. It was amazing, Vickie. Not sure if you’ve ever ventured out to Tobermory but it is fantastic. I highly recommend it. More photos to come in future posts to try to sell you on it!

      1. Wow if I ever got to do a book tour in Toronto I would let you and the whole world know!! Lol
        Would love to meet you and your wonderful family if I have a book or not!!

  4. You have a way of sharing your stories and adventures with T in such a way that I get pulled in feeling as if I’m sharing the experience with you. I can smell the fire roasted hotdogs too, lol.

    1. Thank you, Tammy! The one thing better than having a great experience is to be able to share some of that joy with others.

      Fire roasted hotdogs are so so good. In previous camping trips, my friend also made a fire roasted steak on a cast iron grill. It was delicious. We were lazier and less fancy this time! 😆

  5. Wow, wow, wow! You really lit up this post from the title all the way to the end, Ab! What great pictures and stories from a weekend away to rest and recharge. My heart caught a little bit when you said T’s feet used to dangle from the chair – it goes so fast! Thank you for sharing this beautiful weekend with us!

    1. Thank you, Wynne. It really was an amazing weekend and the scenery was just breathtaking. And yes, the chair moment really hits the point home of how quickly the time flies as you are also seeing with your two little ones!

  6. This is such a heartwarming story, Ab. The beautiful scenery, the hamburgers, the golden skies, the fireworks… everything brought a smile to my face. On a side note, I can’t believe how much T has grown! That’s the thing with kids. One day they’re still learning to walk. Then in no time they turn into teenagers!

    1. Thank you, Bama. It really was amazing and I have yet to share the hikes that we did. We are so blessed to live in a beautiful part of Canada.

      And yes, time really flies. Don’t say the teenager word just yet please! 😆

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