The Boy at the Waterpark

The boy wore a swim shirt like T and zeroed in on him in the wave pool.

I watched with amusement as he tried to get T’s attention. As T bobbed up and down, splashing water, lost in his own world, the boy followed in pursuit.

I felt the parental duty to intervene and finally told T, “The boy wants to play with you!”

During our two and a half days, and counting, in Punta Cana, we spent our mornings at the awesome waterpark at the resort.

T couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks – counting down daily, 39 days from our trip – after we showed him pictures.

There are waterslides of all kinds: some you go down by yourself; some in pairs on inner tubes; some wind around in circles; some are a steep straight drop.

It was paradise for T and we felt thankful for this escape.

It was a joy watching T’s swim skills grow. It had been a while since we took him to the waterpark back home.

We no longer have to stay at the bottom of the slide. We can stand at the end of the pool and let him swim to us.

These seven days are about letting go of the need to worry.

It’s about having cold sweet drinks – within reason; hyperactive child be damned.

T loves these mango slushees.

The wave pool was our last stop in our two hours at the waterpark.

T loved when the waves started and loved swimming at the deep end of the pool. We gave him his space while keeping a close eye.

We first noticed the boy circle T. It became apparent he wanted to play with T.

When he saw T splashing water at us, he began splashing at us too. He also suggested the two of them form a team to “gang up on your dads.”

T laughed big hearty laughs as the two chased us around the pool and splashed at us.

When the lifeguard gave us his warning that he was going to start the waves, everyone had to move to the shallow end.

The boy saw that T was still in his own thoughts in the deep end, so he went to get T. Holding T’s hand, they walked to the shallow end and watched excitedly as the waves started.

We let them play for a while. Then the boy’s dad showed up. It turned out they’re from our same province.

The dad and us decided it was time for lunch and so we asked T to get out.

T said goodbye to the boy. I could tell how much he enjoyed playing with him.

It was nice for the hubby and I to watch T play so nicely with him.

Friendships always weigh on my mind, especially with how much the pandemic has disrupted opportunities for T’s social development.

Social relationships continue to be one of the top challenges for T at school and daycare.

But this week was about letting these worries go for a few days.

After we dried off, T walked back to the wave pool to say goodbye again to his friend, who was no longer there.

As we walked back to our room, T went on about how much fun he had with his new best friend.

17 thoughts on “The Boy at the Waterpark

  1. Visiting a waterpark sounds like a great way to strengthen T’s ability to swim and gain more confidence in the water. Sounds like you’re all having a blast. That’s awesome to hear that T even made a friend and had someone his own age to play in the water with. Those mango slushies look amazing. I wonder if they make an adult version of those with some booze.

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    1. The mango slushees are indeed amazing ditto the pina coladas. The funny thing is I always say I’m going to take advantage of the open bar here but I haven’t so far. I don’t like how it makes me feel the next day when I have to get up. The law of the universe is that when I am feeling sluggish the next morning is when T wakes up earlier than normal 😆

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    1. Thanks Diane. We really needed this. It’s been mostly a great trip and yes lots of progress. Some annoying moments too, but that’s just life with T. You roll with the punches. 😊


  2. How sweet it was for T to meet that boy and make an instant connection with him. I can imagine how much of a positive impact this encounter must have given to both of them.

    On a side note: what IS that yellow thing in your second photo? It looks like a slider, but it ends abruptly mid-air.

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    1. The last two years has understandably made social interactions very different for him – masks removed ability for him to read social cues on faces and the need to be distanced. So just simple interactions like this make me feel happy for him.

      The yellow thing is a water slide you go on a double inner tube on. T and I (or the hubby) went down together. You go on a steep incline and then up the other side and then back. It feels like you’re gonna fly off but you don’t. At least we haven’t yet! 😆

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  3. Priceless childhood moments and memories. It made me remember when my Son is the age of T on our trip to Florida, of how we would swim and play with kids of his age he just met yet like their the closest of friends. The happiness and excitement are just generous and amazing. I’m glad T is have the best childhood memories of a lifetime and you and your Hubby able to enjoy adventures in paradise . This I love, “These seven days are about letting go of the need to worry.” Well deserve and May we all have more vacays in the near future. It is time to enjoy life again.

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    1. Thank you. Your memory of your son is exactly why I cherish these family vacations so much. It’s about filling his memory cup with as many positive memories as possible. These are the moments that he/we will remember as we get older and that will carry us through the harder times. 🙏

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  4. Love love love this! And the freedom to stand at the end of the pool and let him swim to you?? A huge milestone!

    What an awesome water park. Great place to find a new best friend when there are no worries!! ❤

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