Snow Day

Sometimes, life gifts you a sign to slow down.

Today was supposed to be T’s return to in-person learning. Our city got walloped with snow, so schools were closed but kids were asked to log in for online learning.

My initial reaction was “For fuck’s sake, let kids have a rare proper snow day!”

When I got up, I felt unwell. Without getting TMI, it was a “both ends” situation.

It did elicit a sympathetic “I’m sad that Papa is not feeling well” reaction from T.

So I went back to bed and slept till past Noon. I felt much better when I got up, after expelling the evil spirits earlier.

Even better, T’s teacher did not host live classes today; instead, he was given two math assignments to complete on his own.

I looked out the window and the world outside was coated in thick magical snow.

My inner child thought about letting T just enjoy his snow day. My inner perfectionist asked him to sit and complete his work.

Thankfully, T was cooperative and he did it fairly quickly, including taking a break between tasks.

Counting and making tally marks was a synch.

Sorting, counting and graphing was pretty straightforward. But there were a lot of questions, so I helped him with some of the mouse moving as he was getting restless.

The important part to me was him correctly answering the questions by himself.

Afterwards, T wanted to chill with his Switch so I left him alone for the afternoon.

In the late afternoon, when the snowfall finally stopped, we went out to enjoy the wonderland.

It was magical. Snow almost up to T’s waist.

It was carefree fun. T climbed up giant mounds of snow on driveways and threw himself on deep banks of snow.

It was about being a child on a snow day.

Thank you for the gift of this day – albeit the sickly start. Sometimes, we all need to slow down.

22 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. This is so much fun. Snow Day is an escape to a magical place of joyful childhood. It doesn’t snow where I am, but I will pretend and imagine for a moment that I am. Thank you. Moments like you shared are truly Golden and priceless.

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    1. If you ever want to trade with me your sunny golden beaches for my winter snow blizzard, let me know. 😂😂😂 All jokes aside, while winter is my least favourite season, I do find moments and days like this to be truly magical indeed.

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    1. Yes, we got pummeled with over 16 inches of snow. The hubby and I shoveled for three hours last night and also helped a poor young lady whose car got stuck on the unplowed street.

      I remember your snow ice cream post. Great idea to repost it!


  2. I still can’t get over just how much snow we got yesterday. It was beautiful (the shovelling not so much). I’m so thankful I’m able to work from home. I heard on the news about how some drivers were stuck on the 401 for more than 8 hours. Sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well, but I’m glad that you and T were able to enjoy the snow yesterday.

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    1. Thanks Linda. It was pretty bad yesterday. We were out shoveling for three hours last night, including helping a poor young lady whose car was stuck on our street. No wonder schools have another snow day today! 😆 Agreed about thankful for remote work on days like yesterday. Happy Tuesday!

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  3. Wow – that is a lot of snow! I’m laughing about the online learning on the snow day. Thank goodness you cruised through it. I’d heard someone say that snow days were a thing of the past because we’ve figured out online learning but I love the lesson you remind us of here – sometimes we just need to slow down!

    So glad you got to sleep in and are feeling better! Happy Snow Day!

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    1. Thank you, Wynne. It’s ridiculous the way they just don’t let kids be kids anymore. 😆

      And thank you, I do feel better. It was an awful start to my day. And I hope your and your son’s days got better too. Must be a Monday thing!

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