Having Fun With Puppetry and Video

T and I spent this rainy Sunday being silly and creative with filmmaking.

T and I made up what we were doing along the way – and it was more fun this way!

We put chairs together and draped our brown blanket – usually used for building forts – over them and it became a mountain backdrop.

I asked T to pick a few stuffed animals to be the characters of our skit.

They recently learned about what characters are in class. I also explained what “plot” and “setting” were – although that went over his head.

I set up a tripod for my phone camera in front of our stage and off we went.

It was all about improvising and having fun. We did three skits altogether – the second of which is shared below: “Moo Moo Goes Sledding.”

It is amazing what you can do to edit a video on a phone these days!

We used the iMovie app and T helped me pick the video filter. I didn’t have his attention long enough to show him how to add audio or the title; although he did ask me what the title was.

T is a very funny and creative storyteller and I want to do more of these video projects with him.

They will get him to flex his creativity, learn about expressing himself, build his digital literacy, and more importantly, have fun!

And here was the first video we did. I should’ve made sure my head was not in the video. Haha. Consider this a blooper reel!

18 thoughts on “Having Fun With Puppetry and Video

    1. Thank you, Diane! We had fun. Will look forward to watching back at this one day. From time to time, T likes to help bake in the kitchen. So who knows, maybe a baking video in the future! 😊

    1. Thanks Robyn. We had fun with them. 😊 We certainly were not aspiring for a Pulitzer or anything. 🤣 But it was amusing to see how and where T improvised with the story.

      1. Yes, it’ll be nice to get some fresh air during the long weekend after spending this past weekend cooped up indoors. Hopefully there are no new public health restrictions announced this week.

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