“I Get Happy When I See…”

Our T turned 6 this past week!

I felt like we just celebrated his 5th birthday. Where did the time go?!

While it was a quiet lockdown birthday, the hubby and I still found a way to celebrate.

When T woke up on his special day, he stepped out to a hallway and staircase decorated with red and green balloons – a colour coordinated coincidence with his beloved Mario and Luigi.

Our dining room – aka space for work, virtual school and eating – was decorated, including a large gold 6 helium balloon, along with two wrapped gifts we promised T could open following his school day.

T was excited all day. Aside from school and bedtime-related meltdowns, it was a great day.

We started the day with a pancake breakfast and ended the day with Taco Bell for dinner and a Mario ice cream cake gifted from his Ama.

Earlier in the school week for language class, T learned about making lists.

Each student brainstormed a list of 7 items that make them happy when they see them.

T came up with a list on his own and I helped him write them down, as he still doesn’t know how to spell, and he practiced his handwriting by tracing over my writing.

Here is T’s list of things that make him happy when he sees them:

1. My family

2. Birthday cake

3. Ice cream truck in the park

4. Stuffed animals and an owl

5. Swimming Pool

6. Presents

7. Christmas tree and decoration

This is definitely our Christmas, birthday and celebration obsessed T. I was surprised Halloween was not on his list!

But most of all, I was so touched he said our family first.

It’s been a very challenging last few weeks, but I see an end in sight with in-person learning resuming on February 16.

Speaking of things that make me happy when I see it. I nearly cried when our Premier made the announcement on T’s birthday!

T’s class activity reminded me of completing my daily gratitude exercises.

They are certainly more trying to do these days, as I am feeling so burnt out.

But alas, here are 7 things that come to mind immediately that make me happy when I see them:

1. My family relaxing together with zero care in the world.

2. A sunny day with clear blue skies.

3. Nature. The view of rocky shores, swaying trees and endless lake water.

4. T finding a moment – often short-lived – of clear focus and crushing his school work.

5. A tray of fresh sushi and sashimi.

6. T running with complete abandon down an open field.

7. The hubby playing together with T and both laughing heartily and fully from their bellies.

At the end of his birthday, T told the hubby and I, “Thank you for the birthday party, guys… This is the best birthday ever!”

And that’s the sweet little boy that I am so happy to see!

T wanted a dinosaur for his birthday. This dragon had to do cuz there were no dinosaurs at Walmart! 🙂

13 thoughts on ““I Get Happy When I See…”

    1. Thank you! I say this as I’m lying down on a sunny afternoon too exhausted to do anything. 🤣 But I hear you, enjoy every good moment we have! I love the list he made too. 😊


  1. Happy Birthday to T. The pandemic has certainly made us have to be a bit more creative in terms of how we celebrate birthdays, holidays and other major milestones. I love how thoughtful your decorations were with the red and green balloon colours to match Mario and Luigi (that’s too cute). I’m glad family was on the top of the list, and beat birthday cake, haha. Priorities. And yes, happy news for parents everywhere and also a good sign that hopefully the end of this stay-at-home order is in sight too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I will admit the red and green were total coincidences. I just picked the first two colours I saw and it was the hubby who pointed it out. 🙂

      Yes, I am also relieved that we were prioritized higher than the birthday cake.

      And yay for kids getting to go back to school soon. What a relief. We’re all exhausted!

      Enjoy your weekend!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy birthday to T! What a wonderful little guy that he put family as #1 😊 I love that you added your own top 7 list too 🙂 Happy 6 and many moooore! 🎂

    Liked by 1 person

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