The Magic of a Child’s Imagination

One of the enjoyable things as a parent is to see a child’s growth.

I remember those proud milestones that felt like they would never come: first steps, first words, first time peeing in the potty.

Lately, I enjoy seeing T’s play skills and imagination grow.

Today, the hubby gave me a blue moon gift to sleep in. And I did… until 12:30! I felt like a new person when I emerged in the early afternoon.

T was in the middle of playing camping adventure and asked me to join him.

I walked into his room and found this setup.

He had set up a pretend campsite and turned his foldable firetruck, gifted from his Grammy and Grandad – into a tent.

We turned three storage buckets for his toys into logs for Daddy, Papa and T to sit around the campfire – aka an orange pylon.

I just loved it seeing his creativity in action!

Kids with T’s prognosis – at risk FASD – have many challenges. But one common strength they have is creativity and being good storytellers. I see these qualities emerging in T.

I found a spot in the circle and T went downstairs and brought up his stuffed toys and we seated them around the campfire.

I was eyeing his “Lamby” thinking a roasted lamb would be good right now, but I wanted to keep the pretend play at a PG rating.

Just needs a dash of rosemary and butter.

We roasted marshmallows and then it was time for bed.

“Goodnight to all of my wonderful children,” he told his stuffed toys. Then he and I climbed inside the tent.

T turned on his Galaxy Cove, which projects a starry pattern and light onto the ceiling and walls. Lying on the bed and looking up at the starry ceiling, it felt like we were really camping.

Oh, how I yearned to be truly out in the woods, without the specter of the pandemic.

We closed our eyes for a few seconds and T proclaimed that it was now morning.

He turned on the bedroom light and decided that we were going to go for a hike.

I asked him what we needed to pack and he said fishing rods. I guess we were going fishing!

We went for a long hike in the woods and stumbled upon a small creek… with a giant shark!

T tackled the shark and chopped him up and cooked him for dinner.

That was quite the unexpected meal to have at an Ontario Provincial Park!

I praised T for playing so well and for having such a wonderful imagination. Then I decided to get showered.

As I was getting ready in the bathroom, I heard T talking to his stuffed animals. I loved every single moment that I eavesdropped upon.

I almost felt like I was gazing at the Northern Lights.

13 thoughts on “The Magic of a Child’s Imagination

      1. Haha I laid in bed last night then it came to me. (I do my best thinking in bed) I figured it was “once in a blue moon” but it didn’t click. Can I blame it on old age…lol


    1. Thanks L! The thought of summer is what’s getting me through these dreary pandemic winter days. 🤣 And yah, we like the starry ceiling lights. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to seeing the Northern Lights (on my bucket list)!


  1. Wow, nice sleep in! T’s imagination sounds so cool. You can see your family dynamic almost in how kind and loving he treats his stuffed animal family. I would eavesdrop too – so cool to listen to!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Robyn! We have many volatile chaotic moments – not always peaceful and kind, haha – but yes, this was a wonderful moment. 😊 Hope you’re hanging in there!

      Liked by 1 person

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