A Rejuvenating First Nature Hike Since Lockdown

A family of swans, Canadian geese, ducks, and a deer feeding from afar. My family basked in a feast of nature this afternoon, our first outing since lockdown began three months ago.

It was a beautiful Saturday. Sunny and a comfortably cool 16 degrees for t-shirt and shorts. A steady breeze.

We headed for Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby, Ontario, a short 25 minute drive from home.

It felt surreal driving on the highway for that long, as if we’ve forgotten what it was like to go beyond the small radius we’ve grown accustomed to while homebound for the last few months.

My family loves the outdoors. We missed the outdoors. We lament that we will likely not camp this summer.

But we are thankful that we live within minutes to many wonderful natural grounds.

We enjoyed a two-hour hike today. It was an easy hike. Flat trails. Lots of space.

We brought masks and wore them when we got close to people. But in all honesty, while there were lots of people out, there was lots of space to spread out safely and I didn’t wear mine half the time.

I enjoyed seeing T be carefree. Picking up rocks and sticks and throwing them into tall grassy fields. I loved seeing him dash ahead or stay behind while he explored his surroundings and then caught up to us when he saw us departing.

Deer feeding from afar.
Deer tracks.

The air was fresh. I loved hearing the soothing sound of swaying tree branches and the swooshing of the dancing leaves.

There were many families and kids biking on the paved trails. I told T that next summer, he’ll be able to bike here without his training wheels if he keeps up his practicing. He’s getting so good.

There were numerous benches along the trail and we stopped periodically to sit down to munch on the snacks we prepared – Oreo cookies, gummy worms, a tall bottle of ice cold water.

It was wonderful to see the maturity in T compared to last summer. How he was able to keep up and not whine about wanting to be carried. How he peed in the bush twice – washrooms were closed. How much taller he seems in just one summer.

After the hike, we stopped by a corner store. The hubby treated us to our own ice cold sweet slushy drinks. Well earned sugary goodness!

As we drove into our neighborhood, I noticed a family of four twirling bright pink ribbon sticks in the park and next to them, a group of young boys throwing a frisbee around.

It was wonderful to forget for an afternoon that we’re still in a global pandemic – and to see people enjoying this beautiful day. Living life!

We had our own alone time in the early evening – each watching videos or browsing the Web on our devices – before the hubby fired up the BBQ to grill pork steaks I had marinated last night.

A perfect end to a blissful afternoon together.

8 thoughts on “A Rejuvenating First Nature Hike Since Lockdown

  1. Beautiful, relaxing Family Outdoor Hike. We do need to reconnect with Nature. Been doing a few lately. I request a week off to be with family more this Summer. We love the beach , so we found a few that hardly anyone goes. It was nice to feel the sand and the water. Take care.

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    1. Thank you, Andi! We were blessed with a good day and look forward to more of them this summer. 🙂 And happy days to yours as well. Have a good week ahead!

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  2. I have also so loved nature during this time. Taking walks and seeing so much more wildlife – I think being in our house for so long helped me appreciate all that is out there! Glad to see you had a great outing and had such a great experience!

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    1. It was really nice to be out in nature together as a family. Did a world of good for our mental health and wellbeing. 😊 I get a lot of inspiration from the nature walks you go on with your three kids. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Boy do they fly by way too quickly!

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