The Magical 5th Cow

I don’t think I would’ve been a good math teacher.

Third try at a simple addition question:

Me: “How many cows are in this box?”

T: “2”

Me: “And in this box?”

T: “2”

Me: “How many cows are there together?”

T: “5.”

Me: “Where is that 5th cow?! Show me!”

On a chippier note, four years ago this Monday, the hubby and I met our sweet little boy at his foster family’s home. That photo above was from that fateful first meeting.

It was love at first sight.

We had only found out four days earlier – out of the blue, after a seven year wait – that we were matched with a child. Then 10 days later, he moved in with us for good.

I sometimes long for the days when every problem could be solved by shoving a bottle of milk in T’s mouth – maybe it’s being milked from that fifth cow!

But I would not trade the sweat & tears – there sure are lots of tears these days – for anything. Not even a magic cow.

2 thoughts on “The Magical 5th Cow

    1. Thanks Robyn. The anniversary date helped put in context how much he’s grown in four years. Often hard to see the growth on a daily basis, especially during these incredibly trying times. It was a nice calming reminder there is growth happening. 🙂

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