Play Date

A rainy Sunday morning at a McDonald’s Playspace was just what the doctor ordered.

One of the biggest changes in T’s school life happened earlier this year when his CYW in SK and half of Grade 1 moved to a different school.

We all felt the loss of this wonderful person, especially T, and it was a hard important lesson in moving on from change, which is often hard for individuals with FASD.

But we kept in touch and met up for the first time today since she moved.

T was looking so forward to it and even got changed this morning without prompting.

It rained all day so we met up at McDonald’s. We met the CYW’s husband and their son, now 3, whom we first met as a baby online during virtual schooling in SK.

I was feeling blah still – I was off sick Thursday and Friday – but seeing T have fun with O, the child, brightened my spirits.

Prior to being T’s parent, the whole world of school supports was foreign to me.

I now have deep gratitude and appreciation for how support staff maximize a child’s success.

Instead of working 1-1 with grade school kids, the CYW now provides school-wide support to teens at a high school level.

It was interesting and sad to hear about rising mental health issues amongst teens, phone addiction and online bullying.

Thankfully, teen years are still years away and T’s priority is having fun in an indoor playground.

It was adorable watching T play with O, who was shy during his first indoor playground experience but enjoyed watching T zip by.

I was amused by how T got frustrated when O didn’t listen to his every beck and call.

“Hmm, a kid that doesn’t listen,” I said out loud, “I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be.”

The grown ups all laughed but T was not amused.

After two hours of catch up, we parted ways.

We gave his CYW two boxes of T’s old clothes. It’s nice to know they will go to a good home and kid; many items were hand me downs gifted to T.

T gave O, the CYW and her husband big hugs. Then he went back and gave O another big hug before finally getting into the car.

26 thoughts on “Play Date

  1. A kid that doesn’t listen, how frustrating that must be! 😆 It’s really great to know that T is still able to keep in touch and meet with his CYW (and the family!). I think it’s really important for kids, especially those with FASD, to have as many happy childhood memories as possible so that when they’re growing up and face difficulties in life, they know that they have been surrounded with love all these years.

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    1. Thanks Bama, I wonder which kid I could’ve possibly been talking about? 😆

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Kids remember the “small moments” in the long run. They will help us through the rougher patches later on in life. 🙏

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  2. That’s so sweet that you stayed in touch with T’s Child and Youth Worker and met up with her and her family for a playdate. Agreed, it is worrisome about the rise in mental health issues among youth. I’m so glad we didn’t have cell phones or social media when I was growing up, I can only imagine how much additional pressure that adds nowadays. Hope you’re feeling better from your cold.

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  3. I love that you value your connections so much AB. I think these are wonderful examples on relating and caring for others, for your T. When we find those special connections, nurturing them is so important. ❤

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  4. How charming that the CYW wants to stay in touch with you all. Such a great testament to the family that you are! I loved hearing about how T played with her child – so much goodness! Hope you are feeling better! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thanks Wynne. It was nice to have caught up. I’m still having a bad gross cough but slowly on the mend. At least it’s not COVID and I rather be sick now than during Christmas. 🙂

      Have a great week ahead.

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