God bless the innocent unfiltered honesty of children.

During a drive to a family lunch today, there was torrential downpour.

The visibility was bad and the conditions got quite dangerous at one point.

Suddenly, T says matter of factly, “Good thing I don’t live with my mother. She’s homeless. I would be soaking wet!”

T’s birth mother, in fact, is homeless and because she was unable to take care of him, he was put into foster care and eventual adoption.

We’ve told him bits and pieces about her, whenever he asks, because it’s important to be open and honest about his past, so he can move into his future with a complete sense of self.

He brings her up from time to time, often during the most unexpected moments – like this one.

I will admit we laughed at his comment, not because we are making light of his mother’s situation, but because kids are so honest.

If you add FASD on top, you never know what’ll get blurted out!

On the drive home, I brought up T’s earlier comment.

I reminded him that while his mother has a sad life, it is thanks to her T, the hubby and I are a family.

And for that, we’ll always be thankful.

26 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Children do indeed have such an unexpected way of looking at things. My 3-year-old nephew told me yesterday he was mad because grandma (who died a few weeks ago) gets to hold our hamster (who died about six months ago) in heaven and he does not. “It’s just not fair.” He’s trying to process death, but it was so cute the injustice he saw in those he loved being out of reach and together without him. Sad, but sweet.

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    1. It is so good to hear from you, LaDonna. I hope you are doing well and keeping dry from rain. 😄 And yes, the innocence really is so endearing. We were at the dollar store today and a kid was crying and he asked if he could buy a lollipop to give to the kid. We told him his mom might have an issue with that. 😂

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  2. Oh T, he certainly has a sense of humour. It’s funny how kids can be so brutally honest. But it goes to show that he is absorbing what you’ve told him about his birth mother and that he does think about her from time to time. P.S. What a great picture of your shadows.

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    1. Thanks Linda. Yes, I think what struck me the most about his comment was it reinforces he does absorb what we share.

      And thanks for the comment about the photo. That was from our camping long weekend at Presquile. Such a lovely park.

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  3. Out of the mouths of babes, as they say! I am sad for his birth mother, though. I was homeless once, for a brief period of time, and lived with two of my three children in my car, so I can relate. Hopefully someday someone will help her improve her lot in life. Hugs to the three of you!

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    1. Thank you, Jill. Being homeless and vulnerable is no joking matter for sure and his mother’s life, from what we know, is sad indeed. Life works in mysterious ways for sure as to how people are brought together.

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      1. Indeed it does! Sometimes just a single blink of an eye can change a person’s life … for better or for worse. T is one lucky lad to have found two great parents who love him and are devoting their lives to making his better!

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  4. Hahahahahha he is a funny kid!!!! I laughed at that one! I feel for his mom. What a hard life. She did a good thing, giving him the opportunity for a better life. And now he has an incredible life with you guys!!!!

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    1. I know you’d relate! 😆 There was no malice intended in his comments and I had to just chuckle at how blunt he was. We are indeed blessed thanks to his mom and something I will never take for granted.


    1. Thanks Tammy. I think we’re pretty desensitized to it by now but it always does still make us chuckle or cringe depending on what’s said. 😆


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