Crab Semetary

A child’s ability to find fun and enjoyment is as limitless as their imagination.

The calming breezy saltwater bay ushered in the next wave of our family summer vacation.

After a short visit from T’s aunt and cousin, we headed off early Friday morning on a 16-hour drive for our annual visit with T’s grandparents, who live in a small Acadian town in New Brunswick.

T loves it here, because his grandparents adore him and he enjoys running around the beach.

I believe in the soul-soothing healing qualities of saltwater air and the sound of waves.

Children like T need this calm from the storm – as do their parents! – and I am thankful for this break for T and us to create positive memories.

T quickly loses himself in play on the sand or throwing rocks into the water.

He even made himself comfortable in the crawl space under their deck – which transformed into a cave in his imagination.

After breakfast one morning, T and I went for a long walk by the water.

There’s always something interesting to find on the beach – shells, rocks, sea glass or dead crabs.

T decided to collect crabs and I helped him carry as many as I could.

Then T dug up several holes and buried them one by one in the ground.

He then found round pebbles and used them as tombstones for the crabs – humming The Bee Gees’ Staying Alive as he laid them out.

This kid has a wicked sense of humour, whether it was intentional or not.

Afterwards, he found a flat patch of sand and used his fingers to spell out Crab Semetary (sic).

The next morning, T went out to look for his graveyard and said that it was gone.

I explained to him the tide must’ve come and washed it away.

Instead of getting crabby, the new day brought a clean slate for T to find another adventure for his imagination to run wild with.

21 thoughts on “Crab Semetary

  1. It’s pretty amazing how children have such active imagination and are probably more creative than us adults. I can see why T loves spending time along the east coast. Who wouldn’t with a beautiful beach like that!? I couldn’t help but laugh at T’s choice of song to sing as he was burying the crabs. That’s too funny.

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  2. What a wonderful day!!! I had to laugh at his choice of a song at that particular moment! And I smiled at his wonderful … crabmanitarian gesture of giving the crabs a decent funeral, complete with little tombstones! I hope every day of your vacation is as much fun and brings as much joy as this one!

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    1. Thank you Jill! The song choice really was quite amusing and I still don’t know where he would’ve heard this classic from. The family vacation has been great so far. A few challenging moments here and there but overall a nice break from the grind. Hope you have a great week too!

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  3. Those photos really exude calmness. It’s great that you went! Looking at the photo of T inside his imaginary cave made me think of my childhood. For some reason I loved crawling into hidden places like that, and thought it was ‘my place’. Maybe it gave me a sense of protection from whatever it was out there.

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    1. Thanks Bama! Kids definitely love to find and explore nooks and crannies where their imagination can go wild. Your thought around providing a sense of protection is an interesting one. I never thought of it that way! 😊

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  4. Crabby — you are funny, Ab!! And I love the Crab Semetary. The pictures are beautiful — and soul-soothing indeed. I’m still chuckling about Staying Alive! Worth the drive, I bet! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Wynne. Definitely worth the drive and it seems to be flying by so quickly. Day 4 morning now. 😆 But gonna enjoy it a day at a time. Hope you’re having a nice week too!

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