“Maybe Pick Another Dream…”

Every morning, as part of sending T off to school, we give him a post-it affirmation to read in the car.

And yes, it’s usually sickeningly positive! 😆

With the topic of dreams still on my mind, we wrote him this message this morning: “Always believe in yourself and your dreams…”

After he read it out loud, he shared, “I dreamed I went to jail last night.”

I swiftly told him to pick another dream to believe in.

I also had to force myself to not crack up.

Children with FASD often take things literally – and this was one of those hilarious moments.

I gave T a kiss on his head, shut the car door, stood on our front steps and waved at him as the car backed out of the driveway.

“Bye, I love you,” he shouted out the open window.

“I love you, too,” I shouted back, as the car drove off to school.

14 thoughts on ““Maybe Pick Another Dream…”

  1. Memories you want to hold onto forever! My grandson told me yesterday that when I die he was going to cremate me, turn me into a ring and wear me so I will always be with him. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry! Lol

    1. That is both very touching and hilarious! Hopefully he won’t be needing a ring for a long while!

  2. This gave me the biggest smile. I imagine there are hard moments too…but what a blessing T is! The stories you share are beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    1. Thank you, Grace. For sure a blessing despite some of the more harder moments. Have a nice weekend too!

  3. LOL! I remember telling my literal toddler to turn around so I could adjust something on his back – of course, he took it literally and spun around until I told him to stop – GREAT POST

    1. Thanks Rebecca. For sure, the literal brain is an interesting one that often leads to comical moments.

      1. When I was little around 7 maybe I remember I was putting the window up in my dads car. He goes, “Don’t keep your fingers on the window thats stupid! ” I started to cry and he asked if I thought he called me stupid. I said yes. Gotta love it

      2. It’s really good to hear this from someone with lived experience. A good reminder for how we frame a message to our little one!

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