Introducing My Son to Horror

Watching people get stabbed to death is one way that I like to relax.

Before anyone freaks out, I’m talking about horror movies!

I was 15 when I became a lifelong horror fan after watching Scream at a friend’s house.

It’s somehow therapeutic sitting through horrifying, intense and sometimes hilarious situations and coming out of it unscathed.

I love them all: slashers like Halloween, zombies like 28 Days Later, found footage like Blair Witch, foreign horror like Train to Busan and my favourite genre, paranormal like The Exorcist.

The best horror are those that make a social statement. Romero rebuked consumerism in Dawn of the Dead and the Australian film Babadook was a reflection about grief.

Don’t fall into the witch’s brew, T!

Now 6, T is at a fun age when he enjoys spooky and scary things.

He gets freaked out by the dark, but he loves turning off all the lights and playing ghost.

He knows monsters aren’t real, yet he has nightmares about being chased by mummies.

He loves songs that sound spooky to him and asks me to put them on repeat.

And next to Christmas and birthdays, Halloween is his favourite season.

T is way too young to watch the horror films that the hubby and I watch, but I look very forward to the day when I can introduce them to him. What bloody fun we will have together!

For now, PG-rated scavenger hunts will do!

This year’s pumpkins before they were butchered.

This year’s Halloween was subdued. T was home sick on Thursday and Friday with a bad cold and missed his school Halloween party.

We made it up to him by making an event out of pumpkin carving, with the two pumpkins we picked out last weekend.

As T helped the hubby carve them, he belted Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” from the top of his lungs.

All I will say is that pumpkins weren’t the only things being butchered that night.

Our family is home this Sunday with a cold and feeling generally blah. So we’re all taking it easy.

T and I watched the classic Home Alone. T may classify it as horror but I would file it under fantasy!

But we will still put candy out later for kids to help themselves to. And T will still put on his beekeeper costume and his daddy, the bee.

Me? I’m gonna be a jar of honey!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

23 thoughts on “Introducing My Son to Horror

  1. Belated Happy Halloween my friends. Hope everyone recovered already from the colds. Son got sick too with sore throat upper respiratory infection a week ago. He was absent for 4 days. We had to make he was negative covid. He was weirdly happy to have 4 days vacation. Sounds like me when I call in too. Thanks for today’s beautiful post. Always enjoyed your thoughts , advice and family adventures. Can’t believe we’re almost half of November.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear about your son! It sounded horrible but I’m glad that it wasn’t COVID and I’m sure he appreciated a break from school. A sign the body needed a break too.

      I’m sure you’ve heard this already but this is going to a brutal cold and flu season with everyone having isolated for a good of the last two years. A simple cold could leave you out a few days. But part of hopefully returning to normal.

      Halloween was a lot of fun otherwise! 😊 I hope you three had a good one too, other than the sick child!

  2. Happy Halloween! And although I think you and I probably have a lot in common – Horror films is not on the list!!!! I avoid everything even close to slasher – EEK! Hope the family is feeling better – V

    1. Hahaha, that’s too funny, Vickie. I’ll have a Survivor post one of these days. It’s ruminating in the back of my head. Are you watching the new season?

      Hope you and the family had a nice Halloween. We’re finally starting to feel better. First morning without a runny nose for T! 🤞🏻🙏

    1. Yes, that was what upset me about the few days he was sick, was missing the party. But he didn’t seem to mind all that much come Sunday and when he got to put his costume on!

    1. We might need to pack our knives away in case he gets any ideas. 😆 Jokes aside, I really can’t wait to watch a real horror movie with him when he’s older.

  3. Happy Halloween! Sorry to hear that you and your family were under the weather, but it sounds like you found other ways to celebrate and enjoy Halloween. I generally don’t watch too many horror movies, but tend to like the old school ones because they’re more funny than they are scary. P.S. I love your rainbow mat by your front door.

    1. Thanks Linda. I’m still feeling under the weather today and took a sick day. T went to school for an hour then we had to pick him up cuz his runny nose was causing an issue and he went through all of his masks in an hour. 😑 But we did have a lot of fun last Night giving out candy. He went out with his daddy to get candy (probably a mistake in hindsight).

      The mat is from IKEA. 🙂

      1. Hope you’ll feel better soon. I had a lot of fun handing out candy too. It’s so cute to see all the kids in their various costumes. As it happens I need to go to Ikea to return something. If they still have those mats, I’m going to pick one up as I think it’ll look perfect for my side door into the backyard. 🙂

  4. Hilarious!! (All I will say is that pumpkins weren’t the only things being butchered that night.) And your costumes sound perfect!

    Just tell me when you guys are going to watch your first horror flick and I’ll put my daughter on a plane to come visit because I don’t think I can do horror. 🙂 But good for you – you are a great parent!

    1. Horror is a wonderful genre. There are some family friendly and kid friendly “horror” like Gremlins and Hocus Pocus that might be a nice introduction for your children and you. 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  5. I watched the exorcist when I was 13. I still have nightmares about that movie! Happy Halloween to you and yours Ab 🙏

    1. Thanks AP! The Exorcist traumatized me for quite a while too. 🙂

      By the way, I was last in Hong Kong in 2008 and happened to visit during Halloween. A good friend took us to Central and I was impressed with how Hong Kongers celebrate this holiday!

      Happy Halloween to you and yours too!

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